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User avatar #3 - galahads
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(01/19/2013) [-]
I've done all of them so i'll give my own personal thoughts on them all for you =D
Hanako was my favorite, no idea why, I simply preferred her character over the rest,
the story was sweet and the ending I thought was fantastic. And she is just
so damn adorable >.<
Lily would be a close second though, her entire path was emotional, interesting
and brilliantly written, and her character was so nice, the ending too was
fantastic, but for some reason that I can't put my finger on Hanako just comes out
on top by a hair.
Rins path was interesting, some aspects of it annoyed me, but the ending
certainly made up for it, I guess it was possibly the most intense path, but that's
just my opinion of course.
I loved Emis path, she was cute and sweet for its entirety, and the shed scene
was hilarious, it was fairly generic when it comes to the story line expected of
this game if you've done the other paths I guess, but still a nice story with a good,
albeit abrupt, ending.
Shizune, Shizunes one I have mixed feelings about, partly liked it, but partly disliked
it, I guess that's attributed to her in general, the parts where she wasn't a
controlling, competitive, manipulating crazy biatch I seemed to really like her, but
then there was the former to consider, her ending was nice though, and I loved
Misha throughout the entire game, so more of her is never a bad thing =D but yea,
I won't say I disliked this path, but it would be my least favorite.
All that said I got the good endings only, each time, so all this is based on that.
In order of favorite to least it would have to be Hanako, Lily, Emi, Rin, then Shizune.
I hope this helped, and sorry it's such a wall of text =D
User avatar #7 to #3 - tyrain [OP]
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(01/19/2013) [-]
Hanako was my choice right after meeting her for the first time. Her shyness and her cuteness, I liked both a lot. And when I found more out about her scars, I felt so incredibly sorry for her. I just wanted to be nice and good to her, protect her (which well, wasn't that good at the end, you know..) and all that stuff. When I got her, and could see that I chose the right things, I was so glad and happy about it.
I loved all the happy parts of the story, cried at the sad parts and at the end, I just sat there for about 10mins, feeling a mix of joy for the happy end and depression because it was over.
Now I would want to take either Lilly, because she seems very nice as well and sympathic and Rin, because she I found her character pretty interesting. How she talks some random stuff or is totally straight forward out of nowhere.
Emi seems nice as well, but I just didnt like her like Hanako, Lilly or Rin. Not that she isn't a good character, but hm...
Shizune...yeah, what I got so far, she was way too serious and all that stuff. I don't know how that later is, but I had to decide in Act 1...

And you dont have to be sorry for so much text. I am very thankful for it and it sure helped a lot!