Oh God my sides. Best cosplay ever.. Oh so they couldnt find a girl with no legs is see
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#1 - grpeephole (02/01/2013) [-]
Oh so they couldnt find a girl with no legs is see
#2 - Sargeras (02/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
I'm suddenly feeling a little nauseated.
#16 - kaboomz (02/02/2013) [-]
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Ay hisao u want sum fuk?
#8 - tormenttheweak (02/02/2013) [+] (1 reply)
i thought they were all guys
User avatar #9 - bossguycumsplash (02/02/2013) [-]
thats just creepy.
#7 - patofeliz (02/02/2013) [-]
Bombard me with your worst red thumbs, but they're just ugly.
I appreciate the effort, but, just, no. Characters were supposed to be physically attractive. And well, just take a look at misha. Crap. She trully looks like a lesbian. But not those hot lesbians that you masterbate to. No. I mean those lesbians that are actually more manly than you and me, fused. Awful.

Even I cosplaying would look more femenine than them.
User avatar #14 - Zailen ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
Speaking my mind on funnyjunk. Ohgod. The red thumbs...Ahh well...The Shizune and Misha cosplays actually arent half bad. The Shizune cosplayer got it right enough to the point if I was there, I would immediately know what she was going as, and overall, it wasnt so bad. The others? Yeah, I agree...Not great. But hey, better than my lazy ass could do. *shrugs*
#6 - Eiza (02/02/2013) [-]
Still love the makeup on this one.
User avatar #17 - guiguito (02/02/2013) [-]
there it goes my interest for cosplay and fanfic
#13 - ehzio (02/02/2013) [-]
So... I guess the girls got a testosterone boost while graduating....
#4 - ikezawahanako (02/02/2013) [+] (2 replies)
I... I s-swear Rin and M-misha are actually g-guys...

are they g-guys...!?
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