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User avatar #6 - herebemonstars
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(01/24/2013) [-]
be me going insane but has anyone noticed that the background chatter during the school is all in English (you have to pay attention to the music )
User avatar #27 to #6 - TheMather
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(01/25/2013) [-]
Yes, and it's annoyed me so much, because the level of detail put into it causes me to subconsciously listen to it, which when there's like twenty people talking at once and no coherency causes my brain to overheat. I have to consciously ignore it in order not to let my brain fry itself (really, the first time I encountered it, my head's internal temperature skyrocketed, I could feel like a 10°C difference on my forehead by the time my head started hurting and I had to take off my headset).

Also I think that loudest voice is talking about some character or scenario, as far as I've been able to gather, it could be Vriska Serket from Homestuck.