Motions. Incoming wall of text: This week. I've been "off" this week. My rhythm, my mood, my something has been off this past week. I don't know what' going Through the Motions
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Motions. Incoming wall of text: This week. I've been "off" this week. My rhythm, my mood, my something has been off this past week. I don't know what'

Incoming wall of text:

This week. I've been "off" this week. My rhythm, my mood, my something has been off this past week. I don't know what's up either. Many people have noticed it ranging from me, my parents, and my close friends. It was especially shocking today when a close friend of mine who I share no classes with asked if I was alright, that I was kind of off yesterday. It's weird. I don't know how to put this other that I just feel "like I've been going through the motions". What does that even mean? The motions of what's required? The motions that I've been used to going through this last year of high school? I think I've been feeling apathetic to boot. I don't want to feel like playing Katawa Shoujo, even though last night I got to Act 2 for Hanako's Story. I just don't feel like it even though I want to get through it. Like I'm stuck in a muck, in a fog.


Anyone able to talk?

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Submitted: 04/19/2013
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User avatar #6 - impaledsandwich ONLINE (04/19/2013) [+] (13 replies)
Welcome to the wonderful world of PKSD. Everything will be uninteresting or unappealing for a time. I believe it to be a direct result of KS, but it's totally worth it.

I haven't found a lasting, effective cure, but a temporary escape is to just sort of fake being okay.
User avatar #10 - nitsuj (04/20/2013) [+] (13 replies)
I appreciate all the concern guys. It really touches me.

On a light note, I got sleep last night (yay) and I'm feeling better (yay). I took time to think about it, and having read through some of the comments, I think I've pin-pointed a thing or two that might have been bugging me.

Like, Kairyuka , Yes, I've been in the same school for 12 years now, Something to look forward to in the future? Yes: Prom is tomorrow, but maybe it bugs me that who I would have liked to go to prom with, and who I've been dying to see lately couldn't go, busy this weekend. That and all the depressing **** in the news lately.

And, impaledsandwich , I might be having a bit of PKSD (or what ever it was, the comment box is over what you typed). I haven't completely finished Katawa Shoujo, but I think I finished the route that will move the most already.

Also thanks to sebthebrony, thehijacker, Zailen, and chummyxray.
Seriously, I'm glad I've discovered this community.
User avatar #15 to #10 - Kairyuka ONLINE (04/20/2013) [-]
We're here for you man. Being in the same place for too long is not a good thing, I know this from myself. And by look forward to in the future, I was talking about the distant future. Like, I look forward to getting out of my current school and attending a folk high school in January, so I can spend half a year focusing on my music. Stuff like that is really important.
And please, if there's anything you wanna talk about, smalltalk or serioustalk, feel free to throw me a comment or message, I'm only happy to be there and make a new friend :D
User avatar #9 - sebthebrony (04/20/2013) [-]
Always here
User avatar #7 - thehijacker (04/19/2013) [-]
If you need to talk, I'm here for you! I know how you feel, I've been having a rough couple of months and it really does help to talk about it. So, if you wanna talk, let me know and I'll be a friend. :)
#5 - Kairyuka ONLINE (04/19/2013) [-]
Hey I'm here for ya man, and I totally know where you're coming from. Have you been stuck in the same routine (same school, same workplace, etc.) for a long time? Do you have something to look forward to in your future?
I'm here if you need to talk, don't worry just ramble on :)
User avatar #4 - Zailen (04/19/2013) [-]
Indeed. I'm with Chummy on this. If you need someone to chat with, Ol' Zailen will be here to talk. The stories I could tell you, believe me. Things get better :)
User avatar #1 - chummyxray (04/19/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Hey there nitsuj. I've been through what you've said. I think we all have. Sometimes life just seems to go on while you're just stuck. It doesn't seem to matter what you do everything is just kind of eh. Even if that isn't exactly how you are feeling I'm always willing to talk to a fellow shoubro.
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