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User avatar #3 - superracoon
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(01/21/2013) [-]
I went through the exact same thing several times and found that the following helped:

1. Socializing with friends. Took my mind off it quickly and put the whole thing into context.

2. Another VN. A more sex-based one rather than a feels-based one helps you get over your KS feels.

3. Alcohol. Not recommended for everyone but I got **********, told my friends about it, they comforted me, I had a little cry (okay a big cry) and I woke up the next day feeling like I got it off my chest.

4. Time. The pain WILL pass. It took me about a week to get over it unaided but this is the only one I can guarantee.

Hope I helped. No-one deserves the after-pain of Katawa Shoujo but it's worth the enjoyment you get during the VN.
User avatar #79 to #3 - serotonin
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(01/23/2013) [-]
You people...get wrecked by graphic novel
#4 to #3 - agonix [OP]
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Well there goes nothing... I'm afraid that even barrel of whiskey wouldn't help me chase away the feels I got now. Godammit. How can a story be so touching?
User avatar #5 to #4 - superracoon
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(01/21/2013) [-]
I have a theory:

When playing/reading the game you experience immersion. This may be because of the visual and interactive aspect. So when immersed into the VN you are simulating yourself actuallt in the VN so your subconscious emits serotonin (the happiness hormone) because you are so immersed. While you go through the VN your subconscious keeps emitting serotonin until you reach the end. Then what? There is no more of that route to read. No more of your girl (in your case Lilly). Your subconscious stops emitting serotonin and you feel low. Very low. The same effect you get after a rough breakup.

I'm not very good at finishing this explanation but basically you feel sad because there is no more Lilly to read :(
#6 to #5 - agonix [OP]
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Sounds reasonable. Still fukken crying nevertheless tho.