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#20 - sillymoose
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(01/13/2013) [-]
I decided to read through all of this, and I'll be honest with you it gave me a feel.

I went through something like this with an Ex of mine, but it was after we had broken up and I was feeling the way you were feeling. I just wanted her back, I realized too late that I was being immature, trying to prove to her something she was obviously uncomfortable about, and that I could be trusted. It all spiraled down after I had made a mistake.

I'm a big dude, I'm 186lb. and 6'4", the one think I fear the most is if someone is intimidated in me, or scared of me. And that's exactly what I did to her was intimidate and scare her. All I wanted was to show her I could be trusted.

I couldn't bare to go anywhere for a year. It took me two to get over it. I skipped out on school, I lost my appetite, I was scared I would run into her mostly because I didn't want to see her expression of me.

I'm not sure how connected you were with this girl, but you'll get better. You just gotta let yourself recover.

When I played KS, I wanted Hanako's route, she's the first person I ran into on FJ, and I ended up getting Emi first, because I didn't know there was a guide. So I did Emi, then Hanako, and I thought I was going to be ok, I saw how everyone else got feels hit hardest with them.

But then I did Lilly's path and boy did it throw me on my ass.

I could not stop thinking about her, or my life, for a week. It was the hardest week I've been through since the first week my ex broke up with me. But I used what I had learned to do better with myself. I'm doing short workouts to get myself into shape, and I've become more open with my emotions and in social situations.

Just use what you learn from thinking about this and try to change it for the better. Maybe nothing will fix with this girl, but it doesn't mean you won't get chances with other people. There are some surprising personalities out there.