Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio. Sources for the facts available @ . NIH! AWARDS Katy Perry was bullied and was called by names such as over the should facts Awesome amazing kickass
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Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio

Katy Perry was bullied and
was called by names such as
over the shoulder boulder
hodder,' in middle school
because she had big breasts
from a young age
A man called Tat"
snow into Mis Hilton' s
30th birthday party,
stole ] red I,
velvet cake, and gave it
awaits the homeless of
Los Angeles '
Singapore is the only
country in the history ofthe
modern world to gain
l v, independence against its
V tth", own will "
Nikola Tesla was an advocate of
sterilizing criminals and people
with mental problems, and he
believed that by 2100 people who
aren' t "desirable parents"
shouldn' t be able to breed
ii/ FEE} Allies discovered that
film using the Leaning
A Tower an observationally. A
i, l, ' t tower's Instict the presence of
N German troops was impressed wits W
beauty and decided to not order an Q
artillery strike unit an _
x The American Lu rig Association
r K states that," In fact, when equal
1 t . amounts of marijuana and tobacco
are smoked, marijuana deposits
I lifetimes as much tar into the
bungs. This is because marijuana
joints are and often
more deeply inhaled than
1 W ' _ ciggarettes."
In 1907 Joseph Stalin said at
This creature softened my
heart of stone. She died and
with her died my last warm
feelings for humanity."
Animate named James Lucas confronted Al Capone
to get back when he out in the cirus, asked him it he
Capone' s neck he replied: "Yeah I know who you are,
greaseball and it you don' t get back tothe are nuthut
tucking line. I' m gonna know who you were." After the
verbal altercation to have was
killed, but Us Capone while he was
working slashed him several times and stabbed him
with scissors. Capone was later unable to muster any
real response dieto his ill hearth. Gamesdisk in
In 1945, a man named Tsutomu
iv - i, Yamaguchi survived the atomic
g blast at Hiroshima, dragged
Stl himself to an shelter, spent
the night caught the morning
train so he could arrive at assjob
on time in Nagasaki, where he
survived another atomic blast
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