Random Interesting Facts Compilation. Sources for the facts available @ . We Kunis' eyesore naturally different I colored, the_ lettes brown and the right is ir facts Awesome amazing kickass
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Random Interesting Facts Compilation

We Kunis' eyesore
naturally different
I colored, the_ lettes
brown and the right is
Pinball was removed from W
Windows because it had a
rounding error in the Mbit
version om’. The code was
written by an outside company
l and it had no comments
l whatsoever, so they decided to
y - scrap it instead suspending
time trying to figgure out how
the code worked
In South Africa, in order's
prevent poaching
preemptively. there has been
an initiative to apply a strong
red dieto the horns of
minus, which is clearly
visible. It poisonous to
humans, but to
the rhinos
F Hugh Laurie auditioned for
his role in House M. D. by
l shootings video in a hotel
q bathroom. Director Bryan
Singer, laurie
is English, commented
Tee, this is what I want: an
American gyr"
In , the Mongols destroyed
Baghdad. Survivors said that "the
waters owe Tigris ran black with
instrum the anonmous quantities
of books flung into the reverand
red from the blood of the
scientists and philosophers
killed." The siege marked the end
who Islamic Golden Age
tritty; _ kotiin 1
the United States' longest
V unbroken treaty
Martin Luther King
Irt would be the recipient of
the 1964 Nobel Peace
Prize, FBI wrote a letter
to King suggesting that
he should commit
Russell Brand was
legally entitled to take
Katy Perry' s fortune
refused to take any
During the 2011 in .
Japan, 50 workers at the
Tsukishima nuclear power plant
V ‘r __ did not leave even though 750.
others had been evacuated. For P.
arrived, saving countless lives
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