Do u even adrenaline.. . I den' t use these things much, but I thaught this weild be a geed time to get back inte it, I feel like this needs to be We haare an c Humanity Fuck Ye humanity hfy
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Do u even adrenaline.

I den' t use these things much, but I thaught this weild be a geed time to get back inte it, I feel like this needs to be
We haare an cf' icer, That isn' t new. What is new is the race it,,, "he" semes frem. Honastly, when they teld me
we' d be hosting a human I had to ask what a human was. I mean, I guess thay' ara been in the news a bit, but nething
really stuck, mu knew? There was barely anything in the database, either. That meant they were a recent contact, That
nearer ands well.
Go this guy was geing to be working in my department. They said he was a missile tech, but,,, I mean, cemo en. What
cerld he possibly knew, right? frem a race I' d nearer heard , prabably just disco) hered FTL a few years age. And
they were telling me he cerld put a gravity drive tegether in his sleep, Right,
Well, first impressions didn' t help, He swam through the airlock like a crate with legs, all wrapped up in a bulky white suit,
epique faceplate, life support pack, the whale deal. Twe manipulator limbs with five big, fat, tendrils. Rigid
pasture, peer reflexes, complete inability to read scents. Translater wasn' t up to snuff, either. And I had to "shake his
hand." What the hell kind greeting is that? I mean, the suit was clean and all, but,,, ugh.
Oh, and they briefed me en the suit, tee. Humans can' t surfice in nermal atmospheric pressure. Chlorine kills them. Carbon
dissida kills them tee, if there' s enaugh it, Our hallway lights weild burn their eyes without these erasers. And, besides
that, they,,, flake. As in, their skin just semes right eff. All the time. One the ethers teld me that most the dust en a
human ship is their skin. I had to amuse myself,
But, I' ara get to be hinest. He wasn' t bad at the actual werk. Sure, I had to teach him almost E) eerything, but at least he
picked it up fast. The physical part was a little difficult. with anly twe limbs, horribly lew mobility, a Laural strength that
weild be unacceptable aaron in a child,,, We had to werk around him a let. But at least he was compact. Bran in the suit,
he teek up a let less space than ena us. They' re really, really shert. Net... "snakelike," he called us. Anyway, the
captain assigned him a starage closet. He said it was at least three times as big as the cabin he' d haare en ena his own
ships,,, shared with five ether humans. Err.
All in all, I guess it was an interesting 'experience, "_'behn" was pretty unc) , Not at all like I thaught he' d be, He did
all the werk we gaara him, nearer made a fuss, ate abaut half a standard ration PER WEEK and was tatally fine, Special
human feed, mu knew. Seomthing called beef. Anyway, a few us get to knew him pretty well. Intuited him to games
and stuff. He wasn' t any geed at most them. Thaugh, I will give him credit fer finding a way to play Junker with anly
twe hands.
But enaugh abaut that. What mu really want is what ' s been talking abaut. The ena story eeveryone knews a
different aversion . Well, here' s mine.
We were attacked. Not by yew standard raiders, either. This was an entire destroyer group, fresh eff a jump, CIC) mere
than a couple away. The closest friendly ship was at least fifty minutes out, We were teast, and we all
knew it,
We faught anyway. He time to disengage, CIC) hepa seeing eur families again if we surrendered. I put the human en fire
centrel. He had a knack fer it, Ellary salary c) notarget, warheads keyed to seek the perfect weak paints. It was enaugh to
put ena these ships out action befire they cerld aaron clase to energy range. But they kept metring.
Lasers tore inte eur engineering section, slagging most eur jump dreary. Torpedoes gutted crew quarters and medical.
Primary sense's went dawn. The human kept firing, switching to new arrays as each ena was destroyed. He was fast. A
pinpoint strike get through eur armer, stitching right alang the centrel bay, A deem crewman were cut to shreds. He
didn' t aaron flinch. armer scorched and amending atmosphere, he just kept right en geing, and the missiles kept en flying.
Then,,, it happened. An enemy warhead went eff ) interbank, right outside eur section. The launch tubes were tern to
wreckage. The hull was clanad to space. The blast deers closed, trapping us. A support beam detached frem its housing,
pinning me against the wall. I couldn' t see. My helmet cracked, hissing air out inte the aread. I felt a hand en me,
I heard the whine through the beam. A grunt martian, the strain an engine taxed to
its limit. And I was free, He leeked at me, suit blackened with seet, life pack burned to ruin. He slapped a hull patch en my
helmet and grabbed my hand.
Get up," the human said, "WE/ ite get a jeb to def’
And he walked right back to his station. The same station that had just seen a missile blast clc) setup, the same censer's
that just new a barrier wall that might as wall haare been clawed right out the ship, And he steed there,
humming, as he leaded all remaining tubes and went right en firing at the enemy.
That, my friends, is what a human means to me,
g/ hend
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Submitted: 07/20/2014
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#8 - localbees (07/21/2014) [-]
If Drake McDougal isn't you're favorite, you have ****** opinions.
User avatar #1 - TheHutchie (07/20/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Hey, eden, I don't know how much it means to you, but I've been here for five years, and I was going to delete my account until you started posting these.

Kim-Jong saddled me up with a hefty ban yesterday (around 18 - 20 hours, I lost track) for daring to speak against him, and then deleted the comments to boot, and I've had enough. I can't do anything about it, because we all know it'll be a perma-ban next time, but you've reminded me why I love this place.

I don't know what I'm gonna do now, maybe I'll just settle back in and forget about it, but you've reminded me that I'm not ready to delete my account just yet. Thanks man.
#4 - anonymous (07/21/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Here's some more HFY if you can't get enough
#9 to #4 - alexandrz (07/21/2014) [-]
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User avatar #10 - masdercheef (07/21/2014) [-]
This.... is the sort of thing that makes Humanity. Especially in these futuristic, species-cooperation scenarios. An ever-burning will to keep moving, keep fighting, never stop. Even against overwhelming odds, we try to the maximum of our capabilities - if for no other reason than to refuse to go down without a fight.

The best thing is, it's not too far-fetched from how things would probably work in an real situation like that. You've got to think, we wouldn't send anyone but the best of the best up to work with any other species we've met.
#7 - sytheris (07/21/2014) [-]
This one was really quite good. I like.
User avatar #5 - caffeine (07/21/2014) [-]
**caffeine rolls 9,160**
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