Reflective Hedgie. ... deep in thought. Such a handsome fellow... hedgehogs.. hedgehogs everywhere hedgie handsome
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#1 - hackapelite
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(01/14/2013) [-]
hedgehogs.. hedgehogs everywhere
#2 - anon id: 70579d58
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(01/16/2013) [-]
DAMN IT DMRPANDA!!! knock these damn stupid crap pics of these little crappy hogs. paint it blue and leave only a mowhawk down his entire body and THEN POST IT!! otherwise, i can google this creature and see better pics and not feel like im reading something from a 50yr old pedo obsessing over this stupid "hedgie" as you call them.
but it is cute. but for craps sake, funny junk is for... well, FUNNY junk.
peace out my ******