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The Lore Of Halo - Episode 2

Hello everyone, thank you for being patient, I have had numerous problems with my computer but it's all done now, so enjoy.

In this episode I take look back at the days of the Forerunners. Giving you vital information on The Didact, The Librarian and the AIs. Hope it helps you. Enjoy.

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Character Discription:

The Didact: 4 metre tall, 1 tonne Forerunner Promethean.

The Librarian: Forerunner life worker and wife to the Didact.

Mendicant Bias: Military AI

Offensive Bias: Military AI

Chakas and Riser: First generation humans

Flood Gravemind: Supreme leader of the Flood

The Forerunner Bornstellar: A Forerunner builder

Prometheans: An elite warrior class of Forerunners

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Submitted: 06/29/2012
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