Tard Stories. Do you feel terrible about yourself yet?. File: -( KB, 418x384, . jpg} Hat College (Brit College, school, ). sin refer during free period before l
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Tard Stories

Do you feel terrible about yourself yet?

File: -( KB, 418x384, ******* . jpg}
Hat College (Brit College, school, ).
sin refer during free period before lunch.
period before lunch is tard feeding time, tard guards hurl them in so they can eat, hang with normal society.
state and a mate sat in corner like we normally do, revising for our end exams-
I 'i) Hards decided to sit next to us. specifically two downies with shovel christened faces.
Itll) TWE and downies sit on table around ours moaning like some tard conversion ceremony.
Aanyway, sat on table with us. start eating away, with their mouths open - making us admire their chewed up food with big grin on -
complain to tard guard that it' s spoiling our concentration for revision, could they move them to other side of refer outage them backto the "acorn centre'
s Acorn centre is tard liaison department, with the motto -The Acorn centre, where little acorns turn into great big oaks.
story, tard guard says they have just as much right to sit in refer as everyone else and that we should revise in library even though it' s packed.
ofa sudden the downy next to me mate starts gobbling his food down metalfest.
Hard guard tries to stop him, bollocks him saying he' ll puke.
goes nuts with the food guzzling.
state and mate look at each other like "oh **** ".
hat out pukes all overhue table, all on our notes and on the other downy' s food.
Sticky Jonnytheg gets up and legs it to bin keeps chundering.
with puked on lunch suddenly makes some form mfwhile call/ fog horn sound.
Hard guard goes "oh **** ".
downy runs to pukey downy and goes ******* nuts with rage and starts throttling puke downy-
Potarts a tard chain reaction, so all the tards start freaking out, crying, pissing themselves-
Hard guard doesn' t know what to do, stands there for a few seconds and then narwhal the ground, sits on him and radios tard control for reinforcement.
Hard riot team arrive, drag them out.
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Submitted: 05/21/2013
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