Suddenly, a car. Suddenly, a car is a faggot who loves dark chocolate, i hate him so much that i actually enjoyed gfur once. cheese wheelz
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#3 - teranin
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(02/05/2013) [-]
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#4 - pitytehfool
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(02/24/2013) [-]
the scream in that video made me fear for my life...
User avatar #1 - traveltech
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(02/05/2013) [-]
You hate him so much...

That you liked gfur?
User avatar #2 to #1 - tredbear [OP]
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(02/05/2013) [-]
[MrTredBear]: hi
08:08:11pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: not you again
08:09:51pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: so mr tit how are you
08:10:51pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: hey
08:12:47pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: hi
08:13:13pm [TredBear]: he is sex
08:13:26pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: what
08:13:28pm [MrTredBear]: yes
08:13:28pm [MrTredBear]: i must sex now
08:13:59pm [TredBear]: *roll picture* >roll picture >picture is new desktop background
08:14:00pm [57LastSam]: GFH, TBear2, good evening gents.
08:14:02pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: mr tit how are you
08:14:10pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: hi
08:14:19pm [MrTredBear]: i am sex right now, i must sex you
08:14:30pm [TredBear]: gay
08:14:36pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: whAT
08:14:48pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: yes he is gay
08:15:02pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: we need a rape whistle
08:15:10pm [57LastSam]: ok, getting to heavy again, talk to you later gents...
08:15:22pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: noooooo
08:15:22pm [TredBear]: waiter, oh waiter
08:15:42pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: stay
08:15:42pm [TredBear]: *roll picture* >roll picture >picture is new desktop background
08:16:12pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: lastsam I am attacking
08:16:17pm [MrTredBear]: gay ass faggot, gtfo
08:16:25pm [TredBear]: shut up Mr tit
08:16:30pm [MrTredBear]: no u
08:16:33pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: need advice
08:16:46pm [TredBear]: YOU STUPID CUNT, I CUT U
08:16:50pm [MrTredBear]: NO<M U
08:17:00pm [TredBear]: YOU BASTARD
08:17:08pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: F U mr tit
08:17:17pm [MrTredBear]: JUDGEMENTAL PRICK
08:17:33pm [TredBear]: FUK YOU GOOBY

08:17:35pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: I speak the truth
08:17:49pm [MrTredBear]: you stupid fking hoe you gooby of a fag
08:17:57pm [TredBear]: stfo
08:18:09pm [MrTredBear]: ???????
08:18:17pm [MrTredBear]: fail, u fail
08:18:17pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: at least are name isnt mr tit
08:18:33pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: hahahaahaha
08:18:37pm [MrTredBear]: HEY, YOU SHUT THE HELL UP
08:18:41pm [TredBear]: LOL
08:18:41pm [TredBear]: FAGO
08:18:49pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: no
08:19:01pm [TredBear]: fak you mr tities
08:19:05pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: ladies first mr tit
08:19:13pm [MrTredBear]: at least i get titties and you don't
08:19:21pm [TredBear]: cunt
08:19:33pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: you are a *******
08:19:33pm [MrTredBear]: **** off
08:19:45pm [TredBear]: shut up mr tit
08:19:49pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: no tit boy
08:19:53pm [TredBear]: you little midget bastard
08:20:01pm [MrTredBear]: *roll picture*
08:20:05pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: tit
08:20:05pm [MrTredBear]: YOUR MOm
08:20:09pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: tit
08:20:09pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: tit
08:20:09pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: tit
08:20:09pm [TredBear]: okay?
08:20:14pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: tit
08:20:14pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: tit
08:20:17pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: tit
08:21:02pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: I think Mr tit left
08:21:14pm [TredBear]: he is crying in ze corner i bet
08:21:26pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: hahaha
08:21:46pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: we beat the tity
08:21:55pm [TredBear]: with our dicks
08:22:03pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: monster
08:22:11pm [TredBear]: X3
08:22:13pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: That went to far
08:22:41pm [TredBear]: *okay face*
08:23:32pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: :)-+-$=
08:23:41pm [TredBear]: SEX
08:24:06pm [MrTredBear]: No you idiot
08:24:14pm [TredBear]: you shut the hell up
08:24:22pm [TredBear]: gtfo
08:24:26pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: beat him with the dick
08:24:42pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: gogogogog
08:24:42pm [MrTredBear]: you sickos
08:24:57pm [MrTredBear]: i go to the restroom for a sec, and you guys talking about beating me with ur dicks
08:25:07pm [TredBear]: gay
08:25:11pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: your called mr tit dumb ass
08:25:19pm [MrTredBear]: WTF?
08:25:29pm [TredBear]: you dumbass
08:25:52pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: taking to MR tit not you
08:26:06pm [TredBear]: why am i still on trial?
08:26:14pm [MrTredBear]: because you are gay, you fagh
08:26:16pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: Mr tit is on his period
08:26:23pm [TredBear]: hehe
08:26:33pm [TredBear]: but why am i still on trial?
08:26:44pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: i dont know
08:26:52pm [TredBear]: oh, okay
08:27:02pm [MrTredBear]: brb, gunna suck my own dick
08:27:06pm [TredBear]: super gay
08:27:14pm [MrTredBear]: stfu
08:27:22pm [GENERAL-FAT-HEAD]: you dont have one