Duck fight on ice. Join my minecraft server for free: I had a dream last night where I was the one wearing the bull mascot cosutme for my highschool, and I was  then they had hawt sex and the DOMINANT Duck blew its load all over the other ducks Face
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Duck fight on ice

Join my minecraft server for free: You need to login to view this link

I had a dream last night where I was the one wearing the bull mascot cosutme for my highschool, and I was going all over the place giving people high 5s and telling them what's up and all that stuff, I was going around making jokes like going iinto the scool hunting club and saif "looks like I am in the wrong place at the wrong time" and everybody You need to login to view this link favorite part was when I was still in the bull mascot costume, some chick gave me a BJ, then There were some people who were sad, and then I came up to them, and before I could give them a high 5, they hugged me so hard when they saw me,and I hugged back, and then they were happy, and that made me happy. That dream made me happy, and I enjoyed that.

What is Your Favorite Word for the Male's Sexual Reproductive Organ?

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What is your Most Preferable Form of Government?

Following these events, 47 tracked down Lenny and his gang members. Once the rest of the Cougars had been dealt with, 47 kidnapped Lenny and forced him to dig a grave in the middle of a barren desert, whilst questioning him on the location of Victoria. Once Lenny tells 47 of Victoria's location, the player is given the choice of killing Lenny (either by shooting him or the explosives he hides behind) or letting him live, presumably to die from dehydration. Either way, Lenny doesn't reappear in the game.
what the **** does this have to do with the soviet Union and the T-80U main battle tank and it's AP power towards NATO tank's AP power, when some NATO tanks can't even penetrate their own frontal armor, which is sad, like the A1 abrams, that tank is a piece of garbage compared to the t-64b.

if only Iran's current form of government would fall, because Iran is not an arab country, it is an persion country, it is not a islamic state, but the arabs took Iran by force to be a islam state in 1979. The advanatages is that Iran is no longer a puppet state of the US, and is very independent, from military equiptment, to medical research, Iran is a very advanced country int he middle east compared to the arab states. The downfall is that Iran is all by itself, and have all these UN sanctions put on them cuz the US is a big bully.

Hi mom.

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