Alpha as FUCK. Backflip FAIL LOL! Are America's sluts falling behind their quotas in comparison to America's whore population? Should Papa teach them a lesson w
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Alpha as FUCK

Backflip FAIL LOL!
Are America's sluts falling behind their quotas in comparison to America's whore population? Should Papa teach them a lesson with his ring hand?
You: is billy sexually attracted to male ferrets? cuz i saw him licking one's feet, does that mean he is?
Stranger: we need a new world war to kill off the younger generations
Stranger: they are garbage, just like their parents
You: yup
You: agreed
Stranger: the world will be a better place when they are rotting in landfills by the tens of millions all over the world
You: why i can't even stand the ones who think that you have to have sex before you are 20
You: they are all douchebags
Stranger: they should get mandatory abortions
You: yes
You: or atleast thrown into a hitler youth camp
Stranger: the next world war is going to be better than the last one
You: they would not last at all
You: maybe the soviets would rise again
You: and maybe a fourth reich
Stranger: we need extermination camps for Muslims and Christians
You: just the ones who think that enforcing their ********* is good
Stranger: no, all of them
You: agreed
Stranger: and executions of all people under 25
You: and they need to get rid of capitalism, we need something better
Stranger: and prison sentences and mandatory abortions for any pregnancies
You: yup
Stranger: we won't need something better
You: then what?
Stranger: because this will be the end of the failed human species
You: planet nazi will come and destroy us all
Stranger: once abortion is mandatory for all pregnancies, and everyone under 25 is dead
You: we are nothing but a giant, vegatable
You: if you know what i mean?
Stranger: it is going to be good
You: then mars will laught at us
Stranger: hopefully the current violence in the middle east will expand into a regional and then a global conflict
Stranger: there are already good pics of dead kids and their crying families coming out on both sides
You: people think that the middle east will start WWIII
Stranger: if we're luckt
Stranger: lucky
You: maybe Iran will launch nukes to start the war
You: and russia and china and north korea will team up
Stranger: ground war between Israel and Iran would be better
You: since russia is not part of NATO
Stranger: more entertaining videos
Stranger: well here's to the new world war! Cheers!
Stranger: see you in the gas chambers!

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Submitted: 03/11/2013
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I have no idea what is going on
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