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User avatar #198 - minecraftbrony **User deleted account** (05/05/2013) [-]
One day while Andy was masturbating, Woody got wood. He could no longer help himself! He watched as Andy stroked his juicy kawaii cock. He approached Andy which startled him and made him pee everywhere on the floor and all over Woody too. Being drenched in his urine made him harder than ever!

Woody : " Andy Senpai! I'm alive and I want to be INSIDE OF YOU. "

Andy: " Oh Woody Chan! I always knew you were alive! I want to stuff you up in my kawaii ass!"

Woody grabbed a bunch of flavored lube and rubbed it all over his head.

Woody: " Oh my! It's cherry flavored lube! Cherry is my favorite!"

Woody then stuffed his head up into Andy's tight ass! The other toys around the room watched intently as Woody shoved his head back and forth into Andy's nice ass, continuously making a squishy wet noise. The other toys also became aroused and they all gathered around Woody and Andy and started to urinate all over them, and then they started to masturbate.
Andy: " Oh my goodness, Woody Chan! You are churning my insides up so well! Your nose is stimulating my prostate! OH YES!

All of the other toys became so aroused by this, that they could not help themselves anymore! They pushed Woody completely inside , and they all went inside. All of them wanted to be inside Andy's nice round ass.

Andy: " No wait! guys! My ass cannot hold this much! im getting so full!"

All the toys went inside of poor squirming Andy and pretty much, he was beyond full, and died from having his insides completely damaged. The mother came inside and found Andy, dead with a huge ass hemorrhage on his anus, with a HUGE belly full of toys.
User avatar #237 to #198 - UberAndrew (05/05/2013) [-]
You. I like you.
#215 to #198 - silverhellion (05/05/2013) [-]
and this is why i still go on funnyjunk
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