This is what's wrong with the world. And yes, Im a macfag. Im so sorry. I HAVE FAILED YOU ALL ;-;.. More like "Sorry! The gamertag 'Xx420NOSC0PEZxX' is taken". fuck all the baby seals
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User avatar #1 - nyj
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(01/21/2013) [-]
More like "Sorry! The gamertag 'Xx420NOSC0PEZxX' is taken".
User avatar #3 - Maroon
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(01/21/2013) [-]
If I was the owner of that website, I'd set it up so that a new Live account is created when someone enters a unique ID using the ID they put in.
User avatar #4 - MotorstormLegend
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(01/24/2013) [-]
It`s NEVER taken on Steam!
PC gaming master race
#2 - tedrocks
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Would've thumbed up except for the whole mac thing.