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Game of Thrones Birthday Rap


Game of Thrones Rap and We Are The North (song at end of video) download link: on.fb.me/179RnJw

We Are The North music video!!!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYm6aMMcFu8

Straight out of Westeros comes the "Game of Thrones" Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle! It's Max's 10th birthday party--there's cake, candy, balloons, a bouncy castle, and the characters from "Game of Thrones" with their medieval swagger on full display. Epic rap breakdowns from all of your favorite characters! Including Robert Baratheon, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Joffrey, Khaleesi (played by Taryn Southern!), and more! Watch how a birthday party is supposed to be—Seven Kingdoms-style—in the most ultimate rap battle ever!

Taryn Southern - www.youtube.com/user/TarynSouthern
Kelsey Gunn - www.youtube.com/user/5secondfilms
Andrew Volpe
Scott Culver
Noah Eichen
Gabriel Fragoso
Phoebe Volpe
Ellyn Daniels
Justin Downing
Kelby Thwaits
Brandon Burciaga
Belen Eneque
Martin Borg
Erik Westrom
Andrew Burnel
Valerie Hennessy
Devin Hennessy

Special Thanks:
Charlie Bunce
And all the amazing kids!

Mixed by Stage 5 with Kelby Thwaits

For lyrics, check out the Stage 5 TV Facebook and Twitter!

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Cool. 3rd post of the same video. Now we can look it 3 times in a row!