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What in the name of sweet Aunt Jemima is a, "Sergal"?
User avatar #10 to #7 - SaNcAlandariel
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(04/04/2013) [-]
A "Sergal" is a fictional species created by mick39 You need to login to view this link
"The following is clipped from goldring.wikia.com/wiki/Sergals
Sergals are one of the many races of Vilous, but they are actually more famous than the setting itself. This is largely due to Rain Silves being drawn more than any other character from the setting, and a large exposure to Rain and sergals on English imageboards. Many people know about sergals and Rain, but have never even heard of Vilous.
ergals are often described as chimeras, they borrow various aspects of their design from many different animals. Their heads resemble sharks, their bodies are humanoid, their feet are akin to rats, their eyes look reptilian, and these are just skimming the surface. To truly come up with their design you would have to mix countless animals together and perhaps add some features that do not truly fit any earth animal. It is for this reason that sergals are often not considered a “furry” race, as “furry” characters are anthropomorphic animals, and sergals are alien creatures that do not resemble an anthropomorphized animal from earth."
I would have actually typed a response rather than cut and paste, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment.