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Welcome funnyjunk members, to the official funnyjunkgym channel!

funnyjunkgym is operated by you! Our mission is to provide a unique online environment in which all members can be comfortable, obtain advice, develop plans, and build motivation to improve our lives!

Because we are member operated, we must maintain a deep feeling of purpose to always create new friendships and build our fitness community to a level never possibly imagined. For funnyjunk is not just a website, but we are a community, a family, and we will always have each others backs!

As we evolve and educate ourselves, we ask that we never forget to work together and seek to perfect this motivating, energetic environment, where everyone can feel accepted and respected.

Remember, without you, our funnyjunkgym would not exist! If you want to make a difference, if you want to change your life for the better, and if you want to help other rise to new levels, then please, Join us! Join us in perfecting our bodies, our minds, and our spirits! For us! Each one of us! And for the honor of admin and his glorious muscles!

Thank you.

"The choices we have made, define who we are; but remember, it's never too late, to choose now, who you want to be..."

(Description by jnovuse 'Big Brother')
(funnyjunk owned and operated by our esteemed admin)
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