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#111 - vycanismajoris
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(01/17/2013) [-]
--I expect you to read 'All this *********** doesn't hace much to do with the content--
I bought a Nokia Lumia 710 some days ago and I know it's not the best smartphone there is but it is more than something, and I live in a kind of third world country so not much people have these phones, and no one can teach me how to use it.
I put music in it (wich I had to download some program called Zune to do it instead of doing it instantly) And then the manual and some tutorials I've found over the Internet tell that you must make the song file you want to make your ringtone weigh only 1MB ( a song that lasts only 2:39 minutes is equal to to 3,5MB). Some of them say that I have to change the file's music genre name to say 'ringtone'...
I don't know how to make the first way, and the second way doesn't work... pls halp a brethren