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Ragga Menno Stress


New Official HD music video by Ragga Menno titled "Stress". Ragga Menno ft. Jogga Man & Killa Pzi. Made in Suriname 2013

YESS! YESS!!! KABOOOOOOMM!!!!!!!! NEW!... VIDEO "STRESS!" is Now ONLINE!.... Enjoy and Bless to all my Fans, Family & Friends ..FFF...for the Power Up. You can listen to the track Ragga Menno Stress on almost all the radio frequencies in Suriname and some in Holland and Curacao. Watch the video on All the TV channels of Suriname and NOW Online @ YOUTUBE and other websites.

Ragga Menno Stress is tuning up in the Surinam Charts. Ragga Menno Stress is now dropped in the Netherlands, Belgium and soon Germany


Follow how Ragga Menno is doing with his new track "Stress" on facebook and like the page : www.facebook.com/raggamenno

Thanks for the power up, Big Up!, Most Respect, God Bless & All The Best,

Ragga Menno

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