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Prop Wars


The Sneaky Zebra boys where back with another argument that could only be settled one way. Epic Prop War battle!
There is a Sneaky Zebra hidden in the video - did you find it?

Original short film from us - being stupid with various props we had laying around. How many can you spot?

Hope you enjoy!

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Original music score from Artem Yegorov - www.youtube.com/user/MDexart
Additional music from Rich Johnston
Ghostbusters inspired music by The Frequency : You need to login to view this link

Shot on a Sony EX3 and a Canon 7D. Edited in AVID Media Composer. VFX in Adobe After Effects.

Views: 1230 Submitted: 03/18/2013
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#1 - unclemagic
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(04/04/2013) [-]
Red six here...

What the **** was that...