Mail Fraud FAQ. I thought it was worth the read. what happens when i send mail without postage? I accidentally dropped a letter in the mail without postage. I d newman
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Mail Fraud FAQ

I thought it was worth the read

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what happens when i send mail without postage?
I accidentally dropped a letter in the mail without postage. I did
have a return address on it, What' s going to happen? (Cm in the
USO, Will I get my piece of mail back?
Asked by Karney 75 months ago
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Answer thorn Bratty 5 people found this helpful
So long as your return address is legible, the first USPS office that
collects your letter will stamp it "Postage Required - Return to Sender",
and will send it back to you. You should receive it within a day or
Somewhat amusing anecdote follows - feel free to ignore)
About 9 years ago, one of my friends from Massachusetts went to
college in Wyoming. He got bored one day and decided to see what
would happen if he put a letter in the mail, addressed to himself, with
a return address of his friend back home in MA, and with no postage.
He wondered if he could trick the USPS into mailing it to his friend for
him, under the assumption that it was being returned to sender for
lacking postage. Well unfortunately for him, the USPS isn' t quite that
stupid. They knew there was no way a piece of mail was getting all
the way from MA to WY without *someone* noticing it didn' t haye a
stamp. They opened the mail, and saw my friend' s letter - which
idiotically enough read: "Hey John, I' m bored, so I figured I' d try to
defraud the US Postal Service and see what happens." (My friends
were morons, can you tell?) The USPS sent my friend very formal
letter threatening legal action and arrest should he ayer attempt to
defraud them again. EEO He framed it.
Sources: both parents are Postal Employees! r}
Witty 75 months ago
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Submitted: 04/23/2013
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User avatar #4 - flemsdfer ONLINE (04/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Couldn't you just as well send a threatening document about them opening YOUR mail? Or does the USPS get to do that when they want to?
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