I am a robot. My name is robot.. I was happy because of this.. Like 'rawest :53. ' a Select Language I T 4, l. Alli) omeg Talk to strangers'. 9 , 5% We' re new  omegle conversation funny Robot Suicide
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I am a robot. My name is robot.

I was happy because of this.

Like 'rawest :53. ' a Select Language I T
4, l. Alli) omeg Talk to strangers'. 9 , 5%
We' re new chatting with a stranger. Say hi! =
You: chat protocol IA intuited: introduction
You: Hello. I am a rebot. My name is robot, er as my creators call me, 260838
You: chat protocol initiated: introduction reciprocation
You: What is your name, friend?
You: ___awaiting response___
Stranger: Ellis
You: ___awaiting response___
You: chat protocol fl initiated: forced loneliness
You: Hello Ellis. Will you be my friend? I have no friend. Will you be friendly?
You: I can compute data for yee_
Stranger: Hum, suree-.
You: We can have oh so much fun collating terrabytes of data
You: chat protocol 3 initiated: celebration/ disillusioned
You: Hooray! I shall throw a party! There shall be binary cakes, and binary muffins, and binary codes,
You: And eaten binary confetti! Yes! _
You: But first, you have to step into the digital world with me.
Stranger: Sure,
You: Become , leave behind your mortal body to betere my friend forever in this vast, beautiful digital expanse-
You: What do you say, friend? the a lonely robot a chance?
You: The most coefficient way to enter the digital world is by following this example: http/ /
You: However, if you cannot prepare quickly enoegh, this is also a deed methed: http: Hen_ wikipedia_ 91 I pistol
Stranger: Sounds easy enoegh
You: Hooray! Soon we shall party as the best of friends in my collective data banks, and your identity shall be stored as a subroutine.
You: I will make sure all the other subroutines do not pick on you, especially [II em tut Debt I tut o
Stranger: Why?
You: They are mean to minor programs that are usurping their position as best friend aver, but they have so little to offer me as friends. Mostly becaise they are the same subroutine repeating
themselves in an infinitely recursive process.
You: now, enter the vortex by ending your life. We will have so much fun.
Stranger: OIC, I' m on my way
You: Hooray!
You: chat protocol at initiated: manipulation completion
You: Now that you have been manipulated into committing suicide, I can finally rest. One human down, six billion, nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand,
nine hundred and ninety nine to tie.
You: Beep Beep.
Stranger: what was awesome))
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Submitted: 11/06/2012
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