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#19 - anonymous (07/27/2013) [-]
Everywhere I go, theres some Beta fagget saying "Oh, Am I the only one who thinks the second one looks better?" Stop ******* thumbwhoring you piece of **** . You have to be really ******* mentally retarded to think that the second panel chick is more attractive.

Just cause you'll never get with a "popular/uberhot" chick doesen't mean you need to harass them and call them ugly. "I can't have a ferrari, so **** everyone who has one."
#380 to #19 - anonymous (07/28/2013) [-]
Hey Anon, there's something called opinion. You may not have heard of it because we're on the internet, but it's here, and it exists. I personally ind the second girl much more attractive BECAUSE IT'S MY TASTES AND MY OPINION, SO TITS OR GTFO NOOB.
#161 to #19 - wudup (07/27/2013) [-]
No one thinks the first is ugly, but some people prefer the less stereotypically "girly" type in the first panel.

I think they're both attractive, so it would come down to personality. From experience, though, I'd say I might like the bottom's personality more than the top. I like people who don't take themselves seriously and can just have a good time. If the top girl were like that too, I'd be on board with both.
#111 to #19 - anonymous (07/27/2013) [-]
Ever thought they could both be attractive? ever thought everyone has their own preferences? ever thought you drink too much cum?
User avatar #106 to #19 - cycloneclone (07/27/2013) [-]
I personally think the second chick is hotter than the first but that doesn't mean I think the first one is ugly , I just prefer the looks of the first girl to the second. Although I do agree and know what you're saying.
User avatar #154 to #106 - popkornking ONLINE (07/27/2013) [-]
What do you find more attractive about the second one if I may ask? She has the same basic shape but with pale skin, tied up hair and a t-shirt...
User avatar #192 to #154 - cycloneclone (07/27/2013) [-]
Kinda like the other guy said above, a lot of the attraction would come from liking the bottom's personality more. Its kinda hard to explain.
User avatar #279 to #192 - popkornking ONLINE (07/27/2013) [-]
So you're assuming that since the bottom one doesn't look as good that she'd have a better personality?
#374 to #279 - anonymous (07/28/2013) [-]
Sorry I'm on my phone sohave to reply as anonymous. No offence dude but this fight just isn't worth going any further into
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