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User avatar #158 - josieabby (07/23/2013) [-]
How to freak a guy out, yet make his ******* day LIFE!

Put on your old lady makeup and go to a bar. Flirt with some nice young men throughout the night. Eventually one of them will bite, whether it be on a dare from his friends, on his bucket list, or because he wants the "Mrs. Robinson" experience. Take him home. **** his brains out. He'll wonder why your body looks younger than your face. (You'll explain that later.) Wait until he's asleep and remove the makeup and get all prettied up as your normal, young self. Stealthily get back into bed. He wakes up and freaks out when he looks over at you. Ignore his "freak out" and ask things like, "Wasn't last night wonderful? Did your friend Paul hook up with that Holly chick?" (You'll want to include as many details as possible so that he knows that it's you and not just a switcheroo prank.) He says, he doesn't understand. How much did I have to drink, etc. You explain to him that you had been looking for him for a while. While he stares at you with disbelief and confusion, you tell him that he is the One. "The One?" "Yes. Your cock. It's magical. The reason my body looked younger than my face is because your essence...the essence of that magical cock you possess... had already begun to affect me. Your cum and even your sweat is like sweet nectar when you are making love. You gave me a gift last night. A gift that can only be compared to that of bathing in the fountain of youth." (You walk backwards and slowly guide him to the door) "I'll never forget you and the gift that you have given me. The gift of renewal and youth with your glorious, (pause) Magical Cock."
#205 to #158 - beerterror (07/23/2013) [-]
somebody's quite imaginative
#210 to #205 - josieabby (07/23/2013) [-]
Sometimes my mind goes weird places.
Weird, wonderful places.
#172 to #158 - weirdalchemy (07/23/2013) [-]
Imagine the pride he must've felt walking away from that.
Imagine the pride he must've felt walking away from that.
#169 to #158 - hellomynameisbill ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
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