Annoying Jesus. Annoying jesus strikes again. whahaha got tham" And for my next trick, you will new Hz: in Oh fuck You, WINNING THIS RACE WONT MAKE YOUR FACE LE
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Annoying Jesus

Annoying jesus strikes again

whahaha got tham"
And for my next
trick, you will new
Hz: in
Oh fuck You,
Why are gnu an king want arm,
why are ya: shaking your arm... LEA
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Submitted: 07/11/2012
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#5 - fluttersquee (07/11/2012) [+] (3 replies)
I always knew it was true.
#13 - xjonezyx (07/11/2012) [-]
Funniest shit I've seen all day
Funniest shit I've seen all day
#12 - lordumpalumpa (07/11/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Last panel, Dimebag anyone?
User avatar #8 - pantalkamon (07/11/2012) [-]
Fucking love Troll Jesus..
User avatar #23 - shmochra ONLINE (07/12/2012) [-]
Damn Freebird is one awesome song!
User avatar #10 - heavymetaldan (07/11/2012) [-]
the raining blood one got me the most, everyone knows jesus listens to slayer =p
#2 - annakey (07/11/2012) [+] (3 replies)
I approve of this post.
I approve of this post.
User avatar #28 - koombine (07/12/2012) [-]
First panel:
"Oh it's this painting I've be-"
>Has painting
>Uses pencil
User avatar #26 - theaveragejoe (07/12/2012) [-]
"when they move closer to eat, stab one in the eye." lol'd
User avatar #25 - ivoryhammer (07/12/2012) [-]
These are funny
#24 - frutus (07/12/2012) [-]
Found this one a while ago, fucking awesome.
User avatar #21 - TheJaypee (07/12/2012) [-]
The only time I'll love Jesus.
User avatar #20 - kunir (07/11/2012) [-]
"play raining blood" I love you jesus :))
#19 - lilnuggetbob (07/11/2012) [-]
**lilnuggetbob rolled a random image posted in comment #305 at My badass house. ** i dont care if im Christain, these are funny as hell
#11 - devout feminist (07/11/2012) [-]
why am i laughing at this...?
User avatar #6 - Ombra ONLINE (07/11/2012) [-]
Come on, you can't blame Jesus for wanting him to play Free Bird.
#4 - devout feminist (07/11/2012) [-]
the cow one was the funniest for some reason
User avatar #3 - daemonz (07/11/2012) [-]
anyone got the site where all these comes from i really enjoy reading them XD
#1 - iamjustheretoroll has deleted their comment [-]
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