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Going to be honest here. I'm seeing more and more of these comics and I don't know why. I haven't laughed at a single one. "Most females can relate" is what some of the comments say about this one, but I'm a chick and I most certainly can't. I'm looking at this wondering what the **** she's overreacting for.

Are they dating? If they are, why the hell is she so ******* obsessive? That's sign #1 for gtfo. OMG HE DIDN'T TEXT ME well maybe he has a ******* life? I don't flip when my boyfriend doesn't text because he's probably doing something and doesn't have a moment to pick up his phone. He texts when he can, and more often he hops on the computer and we Skype or use Vent.

Are they not dating? Because jesus christ, if this is what "normal" women do when they don't get a text from the guy they're interested in I'm kinda embarrassed to be female.

And don't get me started on the retarded teeth... my handicapped sister can draw a better mouth. She's left-handed. And the left side of her body is paralyzed.

I agree with the people who said the only reason this got thumbs is because the poster is female. This isn't funny. Doesn't belong in the "funny" channel and sure as hell doesn't belong on the front page. These, and all the other comics made by this "artist", are complete junk.
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