I don't want to live on this planet.. Urg! Today I was told I was racist because I said I would have followed any person that I didn't recognize walking around  zimmerman daniel white racism black
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I don't want to live on this planet.

I don't want to live on this planet.. Urg! Today I was told I was racist because I said I would have followed any person that I didn't recognize walking around

Urg! Today I was told I was racist because I said I would have followed any person that I didn't recognize walking around my gated community. So I thought I would look up and see if there were any similar incidents with the races reversed, there were quite a few, this is the one that pissed me off the most. Can you imagine if Zimmerman had gotten 2 - 4 years only to be commuted by Rick Scott a few months later. There would have been riots over the injustice. I don't see any riots over Daniel's death.

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Submitted: 07/15/2013
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#3 - iamtheblackgoat (07/15/2013) [-]
all aboard the bandwagon
User avatar #46 to #3 - Greevon ONLINE (07/16/2013) [-]
And then there's Fox News which is the exact ******* opposite.
Really, is there a single news channel that you can watch and not lose brain cells?
User avatar #11 to #3 - mrblueftw (07/16/2013) [-]
wow, first time I saw 4chan take content from funnyjunk.
User avatar #35 to #11 - toosexyforyou (07/16/2013) [-]
You're joking, right?
User avatar #38 to #37 - toosexyforyou (07/16/2013) [-]
... joking as in 4chan takes stuff from Funnyjunk all the time.
#1 - anon (07/15/2013) [-]
-> Self Defense <-

Implying that the little brat attacked the old man to the point that the man out of panic took the closest weapon he could find to fend him off.

Racism, wat?
#51 - llanox (07/16/2013) [-]
>be black
>last name white
#67 to #51 - renzard (07/16/2013) [-]
&gt;Barry White   
&gt;Jack Black   
World turned upside down, huh?
>Barry White
>Jack Black

World turned upside down, huh?
User avatar #21 - zhao (07/16/2013) [-]
i don't care
User avatar #12 - backupclover (07/16/2013) [-]
The kid lunged at White while he held the shotgun, the firearm discharged accidentally and that killed the kid, this was actually legit self defense.
#53 to #12 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
If I weren't too lazy, I would make 10 accounts just to thumb this up 10 times , people , black and white a like tend to join circle jerks. Why ? Because it's easy.
User avatar #15 to #12 - backupclover (07/16/2013) [-]
If anything, it was an accident.
User avatar #62 to #15 - crazehtoast (07/16/2013) [-]
Voluntary Manslaughter.
User avatar #36 - jewsburninindaoven (07/16/2013) [-]
The kid, Daniel, came to John White's house with a lynch mob and threatened to rape his mother and kill his family. Then Daniel charged at him so he shot the guy in the face. The drunken kids were trespassing and were definitely posing a threat to him. He had every right to shoot but was purely convicted because he killed a white kid.
#47 - malifauxdeux (07/16/2013) [-]
You're full of 			****		 OP. If you saw some stranger walking around your neighborhood; you wouldn't give a 			****		. And if you did, then you need to stop being a paranoid looney.
You're full of **** OP. If you saw some stranger walking around your neighborhood; you wouldn't give a **** . And if you did, then you need to stop being a paranoid looney.
#61 - zenokurosagi (07/16/2013) [-]
Saw this on 4chan last night.
#10 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
Hey racistjunk look up facts before you just post fake **** on here. He came to his door calling him and his family all kinds of racial slurs.The man pointed the gun at him and told him to leave, he lunged at the man and got his face blown off
User avatar #13 to #10 - backupclover (07/16/2013) [-]
This thank you.
#30 to #10 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
So he had an even better reason than Zimmerman, but he still went to jail.
User avatar #23 - Tazdingo (07/16/2013) [-]
Look at that smug guido cunt.
I'm glad black White gave him a surprise radical facelift.
#54 - lordhaha (07/16/2013) [-]
Remember its racist to point out the faults in black culture, its racist to think blacks can be racist, and its racist to think anyone but whites are racists. God darnit did you not read the how to be a democrat book? Dear leader is watching you.
User avatar #19 - lfunnymanl (07/16/2013) [-]
the biggest reason that people were angered by zimmerman shooting trayvon is that when that happen, they didn't arrest zimmerman when the incident, all the police did was hold him for questioning then let him go. they also did a background check on trayvon treating him as if he were solely at fault. also i think i read somewhere that in john white's case he was convicted for man slaughter if not it was another very similar case.
User avatar #64 - roflstorm (07/16/2013) [-]
I cant wait for the day when this happens:
"You can't do that, THAT'S RACIST"
"Yes, yes it is. So ******* what"
#52 - llanox (07/16/2013) [-]
inb4 morals are for the weak
#2 - budica (07/15/2013) [-]
As I said, this is just one of many similar situations and yet there was no outrage for any of those deaths. The one thing that they have in common is that neither this or the zimmerman case would have ended in death if they had just talked it out instead of using guns they just talked it out.
User avatar #4 to #2 - whiskeygunner (07/15/2013) [-]
How do you know? The difference between these two cases is, if the old man had stayed inside and locked his door, those kids might have stayed outside. Instead, he opens the door, pulls out a gun. Sticks that gun 3 inches from the kids face. Then that drunk kid lunges at he squeezes that trigger.

The drunk kid wasn't on top of him, beating the **** out of him.
#5 to #4 - budica (07/15/2013) [-]
True. I never looked at it that way. So if you look at it that way it's even worse than the Zimmerman case.
User avatar #6 to #5 - whiskeygunner (07/15/2013) [-]
Sure thing.
#25 to #6 - tomthehippie (07/16/2013) [-]
Look at it this way; if Zimmerman had done what he was supposed to do, and stayed in his truck and let the REAL cops handle it, Martin would still be alive.
User avatar #31 to #25 - whiskeygunner (07/16/2013) [-]
He was doing what he was supposed to do.
#71 to #31 - tomthehippie (07/17/2013) [-]
No. Was Zimmerman a cop? NO. He was a neighborhood WATCH, not "neighborhood stalk kids because you know everyone who lives here and can tell just by looking at someone they are up to no good", not "neighborhood vigilante", not "neighborhood take a gun and act like your the sheriff in an old west town" NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH.

As in, "watch this neighborhood, and if you see suspicious activity CALL THE COPS".

Zimmerman was SUPPOSED to stay in his car and let the REAL cops take care of it. Instead he wanted to play cops and robbers. Instead he stalked a kid in the middle of the night. Instead he took a loaded GUN and shot a young man who hadn't done anything wrong.
#27 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (07/16/2013) [-]
I'm just posting this on all Zim Zam content because I no longer give a **** about the case and neither should you.
User avatar #56 to #27 - nervaaurelius (07/16/2013) [-]
Can't simmer the zimmer
#9 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
The kid came to the mans door with a lynch mob. They were telling his son they were going to kill him. And he shot the cracker in the ******* face. Serves him right for ******* with the black master race
User avatar #14 to #9 - backupclover (07/16/2013) [-]
Yes, this, nobody likes doing research nowadays do they.
User avatar #24 to #14 - nylak (07/16/2013) [-]
Well, now that I know the situation, isn't that kind of worse? Why didn't he just...not open the door to the "lynch mob," and call the cops, and let them diffuse the situation? Rather than coming to the door and knowingly engaging the minor with a loaded shotgun.

Just like Zimmerman should have kept his stupid ass in his car until the cops got there.
#44 to #24 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
Yeah, instead of trying to protect your family and keep a mob of people from breaking into your house, wait 10-20 minutes for the police to arrive. Very logical.
#45 to #24 - bearpirate (07/16/2013) [-]
Yeah uh, see the thing about a lynch mob is they're probably not going to wait for the cops to show up. This is one of those immediate reaction scenarios.
User avatar #76 to #24 - backupclover (07/18/2013) [-]
They were looking for White's kid, I think that's who opened the door.
#18 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
I'm glad zimmerman was found innocent. He was attacked and according to Florida state stand your ground law he was in the right. You may not agree with the law but it still exists and he had every right to defend himself. It's a fact that the law exists so there's nothing you can say. He was innocent. I'm not commenting on the morality of the situation, just the legality.
User avatar #16 - originalanonymous (07/16/2013) [-]
Why do you all care it's not like this court case will change america for good the man wasn't found guilty and a kid was shot for no reason so if anything we should stop caring about race and start finding was to stop things like this from happening again. And by things i mean people killing others due to suspicion.
User avatar #17 to #16 - Katzie (07/16/2013) [-]
Precedent is everything. Every controversial court case in America changes it.
#20 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
Well what were the circumstances?

Zimmerman stalked down Martin, and provoked him to attack.
Under what conditions did this guy shoot?
#39 to #20 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
He was 1 minute from the house when he called his gf yet the incident didn't happen till 4 minutes after it, trayvon turned around and confronted martin, he was not provoked, martin initiated contact
#42 to #39 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
We have only Zimmerman's word for who initiated contact.
Regardless, Martin knew someone was stalking him, if some creepy guy is following you, and you can't get away (he ran to lose Zimmerman), there is nothing wrong with finding out why a creepy murderer is stalking you.
User avatar #69 to #42 - Crusader (07/17/2013) [-]
That's implying that Zimmerman followed him with the intent to kill him.
You know what is more likely?
Zimmerman was over-zealous in his job, he followed a suspicious character, when he got close, Martin turned around and fought back, it escalated to Zimmerman shooting.
User avatar #29 to #20 - Crusader (07/16/2013) [-]
Martin shouldn't have jumped the fence into a gated community
#32 to #29 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
He was returning to his father's fiancee's house, which was in the neighborhood.

Sure, he had taken part in illegal activity in the past, but he was doing nothing illegal at the time. He was walking home with snacks.
User avatar #33 to #32 - Crusader (07/16/2013) [-]
If that were true, why didn't he just go through the gate.
Instead of climbing over the fence.
#41 to #33 - anon (07/16/2013) [-]
IF that's true?
That's fact.

I don't recall any mention of anyone climbing a fence. There is no mention of a fence in the 911 transcript.
How much do you actually know about what happened?
User avatar #34 to #33 - PoisinSandwich (07/16/2013) [-]
I am not going to say who is right or wrong but in some gated communities where I used to live they gave you a card or you had to talk to someone to open the gate. we dont know what gate it was and he probably could have called his fathers fiance at the same time.
#43 to #34 - widar (07/16/2013) [-]
I am amazed that there is such a thing as gated communities in the US. Just how unsafe is it in that country?
User avatar #70 to #43 - PoisinSandwich (07/17/2013) [-]
I guess you just pay for better security. I have a friend who lives near a big road and his apartment is gated in. But I dont know the real reason why. I also accidentally wrote the last part wrong. I meant to say there were gated communities where I lived I didnt live in one.
#66 to #43 - silvertongueddevil (07/16/2013) [-]
You need to login to view this link
There are gated communities in every country, don't have the time to send links for each one.
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There are gated communities in every country, don't have the time to send links for each one.
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