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fj-on-youtube: Funnyjunk's Youtube Channel

Here's the homebase for FJ's Youtube channel. Here you can look for people to collaborate with.
WE collaborate to make live action films or animations to put on the FJ Youtube channel. When you have created a finished product, send it over to me (funnyjunkYT@gmail.com) and I'll post it if it is worthy. All creators are credited.

What you CAN do:
You can post saying you need an animator, writer, voice actor, artist, whatever
You can post saying that you are an animator, writer, voice actor, artist, whatever and that you're willing to help
You can post saying that you're starting up a project to put on Youtube and state your brilliant ideas to see if people think it's good or want to join

What you CAN NOT do:
You can not post saying you have an idea and you need people to do it for you. FJ does not equal slave labor for your little ego. You need to contribute.
You can not spam your need for other people about a kabillion times. Rule of thumb. Post it once. If there is no feedback AT ALL, you can post again LATER! Leave it to posting the same thing twice at maximum.
You can not ask to be a mod. I can do that myself thank you very much. And I'll assign who I please.
You CAN NOT ask for thumbs if you are advertising your idea. If it gets thumbed up too much it'll make front page, and then *********. On the other hand, you can post your complete videos once they land on the YT page.

This will be updated over time. We're still in brainstorm mode.
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