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#301 - jefftheturtle
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(09/10/2013) [-]
Everyone I know who has committed suicide did it because they felt alone and thought no one loved them or cared for them. Let me tell you something about human beings. We need each other. Everyone one of us needs everyone else on the planet. We are a single species, and we're all in this together. Its only when people don't realize this that stupid **** like wars and mass murder, and trying to **** each other over, happen. No matter how much you think, you are not alone. There are other people on this planet who feel as you do and in this day and age its hella easy to find them cuz we have internet and ****. It only takes one person in your life that loves you to help you realize that you are as valuable as any other human on this planet. Think of a human you really like. you hold as much value as them. Its just that they have gotten better at showing their value while you keep yours locked away. By the way when I say the word love, I ain't talkin about romance, I'm talkin about love. Love can come from anyone, family, spouse, a friend, your dog. If we stopped thinking of ourselves as separate and started thinking more of creating unity in our species, I guarantee we would get **** done and suicide would not be anywhere near as common as it is now.

tl;dr We're all in this together. your not alone. you're ******* valuable. whether or not you realize it