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Selections from the Quran
Muslims should not make friends with Jews or Christians quran.com/5/51
Do not make friends with disbelievers; kill them instead quran.com/4/89
Fight disbelievers and those who are given to the scriptures, but don't believe the Islamic truths of them (i.e. Jews and Christians) quran.com/9/29
When fighting a war, never offer peace when you are winning quran.com/47/35
Mercy should only extend to fellow Muslims quran.com/48/29
Don't be friends with nonbelievers quran.com/60/13
Islam shall triumph over all religions quran.com/61/9
Do not obey nonbelievers quran.com/76/24

There are many people who label themselves Jews, Christians, or Muslims out of family tradition. Family is a good thing, but there are terrible things written in the Bible (which includes most of the Torah) and the Quran. I feel people become more moral when they disregard these out dated texts with their superstitions and instead live in a way that promotes objective good.