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all of these feels

Danny Perasa and his wife, Annie, came to StoryCorps to recount their twenty-seven-year romance. As they remember their life together from their first date to Danny's final days with terminal cancer, these remarkable Brooklynites personify the eloquence, grace, and poetry that can be found in the voices of everyday people when we take the time to listen.


Directed by: The Rauch Brothers
Background Layout & Design: Jim Smith
Producers: Mike Rauch & Lizzie Jacobs
Animation: Tim Rauch
Background Painting: Bill Wray
Audio Produced by: Michael Garofalo & Sarah Kramer

Music: Fredrik
Label: The Kora Records
Publisher: House of Hassle

Major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Submitted: 11/14/2012
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#1 - Karfeyenta (11/14/2012) [+] (1 reply)
my grand parents, my dad's parents, loved each other this much when they were first married. They stayed together so long the president at the time gave them an award.

they met in a war: he was a soldier, and she was a nurse. He fell in love with her as soon as he saw her. Every night he would take his acoustic guitar and play her a love song outside the nurse's tent, then shout good night because she would stay inside.
one night she came out in the middle of the night and said she would finally go out on a date w/ him.
He spent the whole day cooking a beef roast (he actually killed a cow for this) and carrots and potatoes. In the evening when she arrived, they sat outside talking for so long, that when they went in ants had gotten to the food before them.
they told this silly story every chance they could get, christmas, easter, thanksgiving, whatever.

they lived kind of far away from the rest of the family, so we never talked much. what ever when on in their personal life was pretty much a secret to the rest of us.

then he died of a heart, attack I think.

she came to live with me and my family, I think I was only 4 at the time, but I still kind of remember her a little bit. She never seemed sad. She always had a smile on her face, and she was the nicest woman you could ever meet.

but then she got sick.

she didn't die, and I don't remember what she had, but they kept her in the hospital because she was in very bad condition and could die any day now. She insisted they give her as much medicine as they could to keep her alive for as long as possible.
But she was in a lot of pain. When my parents asked her why she wanted to stay alive, she said she couldn't stand the thought of eternity with the man she married.

apparently he was cruel to her, and beat her.

she suffered through about 7 years of severe pain so she could delay seeing him in the afterlife.

so there's my story.... your turn funnyjunk.
User avatar #4 - sdeco (12/08/2012) [-]
This is simply the most beautiful story i have ever heard
User avatar #3 - godqueso (11/21/2012) [-]
I always say that this is sad or something but this is the first post to actually make me cry and not just feel sad
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