Won't You Feel With Me. . D Anonymous ( Non) 18 54 25 my No 520497700 seems » When 1 was Awe moved We a very mes neihborhood 1986, Just , mes schools New weeks  Won't You Feel With Me D Anonymous ( Non) 18 54 25 my No 520497700 seems » When 1 was Awe moved We a very mes neihborhood 1986 Just schools New weeks
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Won't You Feel With Me

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D Anonymous ( Non) 18 54 25 my No 520497700 seems »
When 1 was Awe moved We a very mes neihborhood 1986, Just , mes schools New weeks had moved our nightmars moved monny truck bang there and wondering what was goong on So 1 went outide to
investigate Just a bunch out ettne truck not Interested anymore Well outside, miatas well go play wth trucks the pt out back
Then 1 Inthe backyard at me and ran around the inisde For some reason 1 cannot explain to ths day, 1 ran along ads my house to my trons yard There she was Upon sellng me she ran out onew to the
back yard Agam Edithe same ms stupd on a few more [mes more 1 sarthe yyear t" and Just walked over
Alter some awkward introductions we became trends We were born apart [ ) Naturally as we became (nerds, so dd our parents
D Anonymous ( 55 27 No 520497905 seems _
She was a , so she ended up a 10107012 trees, so dd sns. play Tomas Inthe thrd pt [a 6x61 spot the yard my dad made to me), she mew was no creamy channels that represented was and making
toothpic or suck badges there, so she usually ended role Andr drove the thnkas around dgglg out her was
Naturally, we spent more have together than we dd wth trends ettne same sex remember at BBC: or rust on tik between our parents. the runnang gag was that we were gangta marry 1 tact that we were trends at such a young
age and ream enjoyed , 155112 us
D Anonymous 12/ 09/ 13( Monroe 56 20 No 520490113 seems »
As we , the bash chatted noose was removed around 3, We descovered that over the our houses wasted airiest 'Playmate woods" was the Johnson phrase We would spend sums days there (cant do )
the 91. we discovered sometihng very neat about mm elarge sycamore tree the center The New was covered vvy( nonperson Ivy) ths became known as we place' was also around ths lune we began to Hones each
other as more than theads
E Anonymous / 5719 my No 520490261 seems
The wanter 011995 January was now customary tor to celebrate our [against Generally onthe day before hers, and ates mane On no 1 brought hellothe place 1 remember that day clearly The snowfall had
covered the area prestine We walked to the tree "the center and 1 gave nerine hast gut 1 could aroud on my own
As dumb or as corny as l may seem, l was the and hows: book She was a huge C& H tan wwas never good at so must put Happy 13th , 1 was gaven a hug as a thank you and we sat
up aganst the tree we began She was before the sun had set and l was impossable to But we dd not leave We continued to talk to about 20 motes before Tawny s/ ent Hammad on my shoulder both m
us rust moment
Then out ettne blue
anon, do you We use
Yes' l was automatic and 1 gave l no thought
111 We you too 11
she ) ked up at use and on nght, smaterest, we had kms
D Anonymous / 58 42 No 520490524 seems »
t seems that some women a crazy swim reads: Internt And at an unknown thatswhat mps to ON Such was we case won my mower l started wth and arguing Then , soon, men 1 had never met more started
coming home wth her when my dad was at work ths went on unt/ the summer o? 1996 mats when the term Force became a regular part o my parents vocabulary t was very ugly But the end, my mother won custody me, and 9011719 house, and pretty much
everythig else we started our sophmore year (against, but ates a month 1 was told we were My mom would not tell me where, or gave use an address 1 would ths 17171110 my iether( whch he would get anyway through the courts but at 16, 1110711
know now that sht works) so we could remain contact [remember, 1996 no FE Internet was st/ l foreign to us) fast approaching an end
B Anonymous / 13( 00 49 0107 No 520490905 seems »
1996 We move the next day was very early and 1 had to sneak house, because at ths pom, my mom probated ms hum the neighbors She woudnt they were working wth my dad to mute use tor 1 knocked on no
window and she pointed ms to we back door Her parents greeted me there won m me busted The past year had tucked up my understanding of them and constantly havong to amd my use 1/ all adults as on She came out dressed
and ready to spend our last day together, and hat parents handed her a bag or food
You two spend as much urns together as you need 11
We let and place
most ettne day was spent tacking about how much bullsht l was that 1 was mommy wasnt unha the 912711719 when we reached we bottom ettne bag 0110011 and mono an unopened condom Instead to descover now l got there. nature took over
once we were clothed egmn, the condom disposed of, several hours passed total Justjoana one another The tun moon sat directly above us snore area was then 1 checked my watch
The rawng van would arms 5 tours was up, another nous was spent bawwing Just before we headed back home,
Anon, gave me your 1'
1 handed her my (motherman superfood my father gave me 2 years back 'Son, Wynn are gonna spend that much tune outdoors. you need a good (001 11 1 remember mm sayang men 1 opened the day. 1 always carry a leatherman on me 1
She began to carve
The classic scarfed my elves much thew makes l appear)
Now we' ll always be together 11
E Anonymous 12/ 09/ 0151 No 520439086 seems
1 spent a Mme over 2 years wth my mower berrie we my fathering moved out of state The past 2 years mm her reduced my motavation to try and see seusanoo againts zero At ths pom 1 had wetten ettne and
on wth my Eaves, 1 now wed 200 miles away at IT. 11 was mewed as impossable amount drugs she had use on to bullsht reasons pusing trom my mud Navy at 10. spent Apears there (AS) went to
school to get a as network adman and began my career wasnt unha 1 was heling more noose Spang when my past cams backto use
E Anonymous / 09/ 03: 11 my No 520499312 seems »
were was a box IO the basement labled "Anna' s school stuy
Eh, why not 1 have slew hours to spare tor nostalga On top was of my Sth grade year school 1 began through I, names and has when 1 got to my/ and saw has
Over a decade warm m memories smashed Into my Dram all at once
Wth the book upsets, told my dad sorry. but there was something 1 had to do, and ( me he knew exactly what happened when 1 rushed out ettne house won that yearbook nan)
200 miles backto my old stomper grounds The unchanged save frame trees Igotta my old house and parked the street She had obiously moved too sence some never seen before were the garage
wrenching on what appeared to be a 65 Shelby
Guess 1111 stamina
Pardon use anon
they came out torn under the hood
1 explained myself, Imag next door, and asked how had been here
8 years 1'
damn we been away tor mule some time
1 asked could cut through than yard to access the torso
D Anonymous 12/ 09/ 13( 04 35 No 520499545 seems »
Now maybe because 1 was younger and lacked any or maybe 1 Just got lost, but rem place was a 1 remember
When stood at the edge The whole amuse capsule Notihng had changed
1 proceeded toward the tree and when 1 found the caning, 1 let out an audible "NO '
someone had ) the can/ 1719, tst/ l baked asthough t were carved womn the past few months
And below l were tally marks that counted up to 12 12[ thats now many years once 1 moved' Alter an nous bowwow 1 returned to my car, thanked the homeowner and Just as 1 was my car,
Hey on, not sure , ths means anytihng to you, but 1 was , only 2 people have runthrough my yard to get to that forest back there, you beingg Now, 1 dam know about the other one, but tor the hrstg years We been here every my January Cd gnd
bootprints we snow seadog 17110 and out ettne woods 11
Thankyou slr Yum/ e done more you could possably understand 11
1 returned next the help my toner move and began my wan
E Anonymous ( Mren) 19 M 10 my No 520499815 seems [
Now 1 had 3 dates to choose hum My bithday, the day bithday, and her bithday To maximize my chances of bang nghty started on my Now 1 couldnt go back to ' s house and ask to camp outide ms noose eatng, besides what he
told use meant she no longer used yard as access to the woods The only owes pom o? access was a park a ttile away on the opposite sore
The day before my , 1 went to the park and checked the tree rust as a dry run Holy tuck wacking a goddamned snow takes tbr% , And thank god tor an were was no item the park
1 was tony commeted to ths to make sure a damn thog, 1 was goingto stay each nght at the park camping Martes to shoveing and thatsnot
days noting laas extreemly bored and by day 3 and was pretty moon on the verge Home as my fehence hadron out And then acter pulled up wth a song's She got Outand walked woods laas unable to conary who
l was because some tat tuck Ma Ingres was mytine all 1 knew was tsmall innawoods And We
D Anonymous 12/ 09/ 13( Monroe or 27 my No 520500024 seems »
the % ll was heavy, all 1 had to were the snow and the breaking of sucks ahead m me FINALLY 1 got to the place no back was turned to me we was caring mark 11110072 tree 1 stood at the edge ettne cleaing whch put use
about 40 Mom no and waned After some sobbing was we stood up and turned around 1 neared a startled gnaw item no and she tear
1 removed by hat
Her hands went upto no math and tears began to Now twacked warm no and without . we embraced each owes Aftergame hme, we separated and began our reuinion the whole dam to her, what happened ates 1 moved etc Hours
unt/ l was dark once seems to be ahnung wth us whenever we both are at that tree we never leave unbolts dark) She never roamed She dated but she sad none Putnem everheat nght We we do What 1 ddhhd amusing was she went to school tor and
became a b/ Ions and popsicle sucks she used making 1/ 2710115 badges and , l made sense
we spent the next few nghty at no place up
D Anonymous / ( Mon) 19 00 37 No 520500224 seems » »
laas to her parents who were overcome wth my to see me ask,
anon dd you get any use out It?"
1 Instantly knew what he meant Tes yes we dd And 1 must say Where owes parents would be dacks about the sums thog, you two understood what no normed overtness and encouraged t 11
When we my father tonne my no 1 saw Mn cry was tamer awkward, but he was past my stolen trons use Mew ' no (agent, at the tree where else would be appropriate aims my
moment we thought the wedding at the place, but quckly logistical well dressed a m/ e bush However, the manage was conjugated (That tucking tree knows more about us than
l probably knows about the whole goddamned forest by now)
D Anonymous 12/ 11 37 my No 520500724 seems » » »5205172173 » »
We KB, 2592x1952, wfe rpm
12 months ago we ded to cancer
Shortly before we med, 1 was men a , and gaven Not open tunel my Rehashes were ( spread around the tree and we wedding and engagement were med over a young branch the branch
grow and absorb them
ms year My
1 sat at the win the present Wont otme should even open t be After several hours opened l
Camn and Hobbes
The book 1 gave no 10 years ago
1 opened Itup and insade the hunt cover
Happy 13th femanon
But taped to the top avoided press m paper
1 opened stupro see thehell panel Camn and Hobbes sanp She had panel
woo gave use whail 1'
meet agaen 1'
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#3 - toiletpepperoni
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**toiletpepperoni rolled image**
User avatar #1 - skrynox
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(07/21/2014) [-]
Holy **** the tears are flowing.
#10 - anon id: 707b9f12
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(07/27/2014) [-]
The summary of the story
#8 - sirbrentcoe
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(07/21/2014) [-]
#4 - jacksipian
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(07/21/2014) [-]
jesus, that was so beautiful but god damn that ending hit hard. why do they always die at the end? they always end up dying at the end of these 4chan stories, i feel so bad for these guys.
jesus, that was so beautiful but god damn that ending hit hard. why do they always die at the end? they always end up dying at the end of these 4chan stories, i feel so bad for these guys.
#9 to #4 - anon id: fb6187a0
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(07/27/2014) [-]
If they didn't die, the story would not be that sad and so not that approprate for such feels-stuff. Yeah, I feel bad as well :/
#2 - heydany
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oh ****.
#6 - icda
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eh for some reason this one was not that great
eh for some reason this one was not that great
User avatar #5 - Kadzait
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(07/21/2014) [-]
Alright, I was with it up until the ending, probably fake.
User avatar #7 - caffeine
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**caffeine rolls 7,498**