This is a old one. Looking through old favorites and so this, thought I would post it since I haven't seen it posted since. We 1319843550 n [, , Untiled png) E  feels
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This is a old one

This is a old one. Looking through old favorites and so this, thought I would post it since I haven't seen it posted since. We 1319843550 n [, , Untiled png) E

Looking through old favorites and so this, thought I would post it since I haven't seen it posted since

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We 1319843550 n [, , Untiled png)
E Brandon ( : 12 30 Ne 360709900 .
Hello/ , n away my anonynona n neen Wynn as n share you my story My real name IS Brandon and n Mme to you tonght mien you mane about THAT
Yes we all know nen Duchy, onneks was nee good nen you, and Just has that atitude no one can stand an n knew that on long before she even became popular nen
name Clare
We known thm gm scence n was 3 years old Her mom and my mom were neigbors so we would go memo each owns houses practially everyday Me. and Clare would
lterally do Every Fiday we would sneak outlaws weeds nennen tyur houses and play around n the creek wnna the sun started to set
We would both then none hands / e we walked backto om homes
n .3 ( ) 19: 13 26 No 360790013
one day n nan l was nanjing and my mother told us non to go to the creek as l nae swelled mane ddnt really ken We but n headed out to the creek
anyway and she eventually billowed
Sure enougn the meek had swelled to well Is normal we Igot to the very edge and soon the mud beneath me collapsed and n neen n The current
was strong and soon canned me down the creek
n desperately needto grab one n could n managed to grab onto a nope that was nee to a tree nearby n could see Clare runnang towards me waning nen
arms and my name An n recall IS against nen non warmth on a we on eaves and waking up n a hopital bed mm a puma me on the
two on us marred together
n em remember much on any other dawns any that hands: hang deathly wand on large amounts on water mace that day
Brandon ( ) 19 14 21 No 360790133
360790013 _
Around Ith Fade we were separated n thereat classrooms and would only see each other at lunch but back then we would hang out wnna the gm and n wound stay by myserf wakening nen neen a
n n know that sounds creepy but n was young)
When school was even she would wan non me and n wound walk her Mme When we got We nuken we would minis to even acknowledge my eminence n wasnt one on the 'cool" has and mane
waned to be Innis popular so she couldnt be seen wnna me
She surrounded the popular boys around the school Ofcourse we were only around 11 back then and the " ddnt last long Throughout my owns stay n Humor Hen n was
asked outty about 12 gm: but n always turned them down
E Brandon ( ) 19 15 24 No 360790277
When High School ht n was even wongonian nuken Hgh She soon began maeking me In peers
n was the untoon and we used me to gem nen name n worked n med my ninemsn no mend hang around nen as evena [me n cam. n contact wnna her she would make me the center on attenton by
callig me names and me around large groups on peopie
Now that n thunk about It n had less than 4 intends Hgh School thanks to nen Even though we constantly made my we neen n would be m swans on nostalga when n watched nen rom a
To tho day n wound gm up to be a agaen so n could spend one day wnna nen
Brandon ( ) 19: 16 23 No 360790405
Around Humor year a boy named Garret asked mane to prom ms mom worked for the school so we was able to pull some sannes and allow mm to use the Intercom non Inns
She was absolutely
Clare was an my math class and n could Man nen snagging about t no nen innards She caught me stanag at nen rom across the mom and gave me a glare that n wnna neven fungal anyway about a week
henna prom n Man n knock at my door and " none other than mane
She' s at my neen door because she found out Garret made out wnna another gm on some sht
19: : No 360790524
sang the pushover n am n nen nen n and Sansone nen Head her up to my mom and hold nen n my arms n ddnt even want to take advantage on nen and sleep wnna nen
Just hang tns close to nen and about OW was enougn nen me By the [me she was n told nen n would take nen to prom n we waned She gave me
a hug and a kos on the cheek
We got n my car, drove to our old houses, and walked to the meek we used to hang out at n was surrounded by a blanket on comfort as a lad nexter nen soon n was by n and neen
By the two n woke up she was already gone n hagred we nae to go somewhere
Fri) 19: 18 09 No 360790635
Aweek passed and n was Manny prom n had pane 150 bucks non my Indian annee n ddnt buy t wnna they named the puma to Is maximum n rented a sun, bought a dozen noses, put on some on my
dad' s coke Hooked We a bucks n move even to Genes house and knocked on the door She answered wnna a / e on nen we and n was speechless at new
she necked
She gave me a wok as she grabbed my hand and nee me to the backyard From the sendung glass door n could see some on nen Mend: waning n hagred that we wens 9209 to lake post prom pants:
on each otherone couples
When n Manny reached the backyard n spotted Garret and n knew somethig was up
E Brandon ( Fri) 19 18 55 No 360790724
mane, kneeing n was sun aims on water, pushed me We nen pool and Just watched as n med to grab on to somethig and gasp non an As n was manically around n could Man
them all at me t was only wnna n was about to drown dd one omen mend: darkheart/ y grab me out on the pool and tel mend new before thigs got worse
n walked out the skis gate wnna my head down and my clothes wen n got the neek out on there and sat at a park non a new hours so my mom would at least thunk n went to prom
Even nght now n would not he able to hung up the courage to tell nen new coldly my mend treated me all those yams
Anyway when n to school pretty much everyone knew what happened at no one would even st by me at the nuken table
Brandon ( Fri) 19 19 53 No 360790876
Throughout the nest on Hen School n pretty much mended my own nosiness n dated a new gyms but the neven lasted long
All on them sad n seemed 'destracted" by somethang else n ddnt see much on mane through the last days n Hgh swoon and Many we unadorned n wakening closely as she walked amass
the stage and desperately anyong to make eye contacting nen but nanjing
n stood n we panging non wakening everybady else cheking and nagging each other kneeing that was somethig n would neven be pan on n spotted Clare wanking wnna nen mend: at the nan mus Mme
panging non and Just couldnt stand n anymore
n nan as an as n could n Manny reached verlust new we got m the car and asked nen n she waned to come home wnna me andert watch a moms wnna me
She laughed n my we along wnna nen mend: and move on n was crushed
Brandon ( ) 19 20 55 No 360790997
one Mme n had talked me We 9209 to a party wnna mm
n ddnt ken hang around other peopie but neen We a new drunks would cheer me up
when n borthers no one really knew who n was and hawks seem; a new new n ddnt know them men
About 40 manures passed when Clare walks through the door and pretends rm non wee non annoos masons n mud my own nosiness and she mud: hers
Maybe t was the alcohol but non some mason n deeded to stay at the party Thugs stated gen mom and peopie wee really themseves
Brandon ( ) 19 22 26 No 360791219
n took a walk ourside non some new an and a cigarette n have no me: the exact amount on [me n was gone but rm guessing n was somewhere n between manures
When n l heard new n even entered the door My hast thought was that a fght had broken out and that n wound leave henna the cops wow up got the best on
me n made my way through the crowd only to see n was Clare
She was Manny Ineducated and was knowing 3 guys In neen on everyone
Aith guy was Meening nen as n neen warm tears nononno down my cheeks At that moment n ddnt guts a neek about n any on my Faggot was saw me anyong
n aound no longer bear to watch
19 23 53 No 360791416
My mute tnngnn lucked n and n pushed all 4 guys awe n peeked nen up n my arms but soon heard nen screech's loudly n my an Clare was forarms all about and snapping me n the we
one Mme guys she was knowing grabbed nen (mm me and punched me n the we n was soon hang beaten by all 4 (imam t took some chine other his horn the party to Manny pull them om me
n coulter see because on all the Mood surrounding my wands but n could Man Clare somethig At hast n ddnt what she was sayang but n Manny made out the words
FUCKING KILL HIW, KILL THAT SMALL DICKED PIECE OF n wnna neven Rugs! those words n neen someone splash neesons Men at my we and to tho day n have no doubt n my
mud who n was
n neen some peopie drag me by my feet and toss me out onto the sidewalk n the neen on the house n was too med rom the alcohol and rom hang beaten to get up and walk Mme
n wmm there and when n woke everyone was gone Those events took place even a year ago and that was the last [me n saw her wnna n deeded to make a account 3 weeks ago (pm odiously
Brandon ( ) 19 24 50 No 360791532
so n em care n you call me a Faggot on n you thunk tho IS Just a troll we demoed to k/ l myself n em expect sympathy and em try to talk me out on n because " not to work
Just gm me one last thead to enjoy and when ths thread 404' s rm to go ennough wnna n n ease any noyou are wondeirng rm using the neznam em! bag method that gets posed on here evena
so 091971
You guys wee litarally the closest tings n even nae to mend:
Brandon‘ 5 on T' es 59:
inane n have no due why you have treated me so nanny for so one
new We never done anyone butwhai you
Undless [personally behave no because you hate man became
and ' tstart to see somethig to your none an Even
one an no even one an the nodule you have one n on
deeply ashamed to adopt son have new you
Brendan‘ -
Maybe you re neen After an we one x neen you Just an change a
new [treally IS true whattheh say n the end an you have are
nan nanny tright so one IS goodbye (inane The only mason
messaged you IS because n a on about anyone else and Just
wanted no name you
abandon when wnna u head n a Just
were some fiends way on when
nan no w Man suns y the u message nne Mum u
really wnna guns a never see u wanna
Handel‘ I
never sad n was mm/ nang As no why n keep owe to no
you mess because n TISS all those was we had on when we
were on name because I' m Just grateful that you saved my we
move you don' mamas happened between us I
Oustcat' thehp but thak t would have been a We
the we u JUST sad u were nanny we n really a wk n
honesty nen drown n masks amt
anyway those muss n oven u an stop emang me new
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User avatar #1 - thatoneiranianguy
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She may be a dumb cunt that can't really justify anything she's become or did.

But she has a point, just because he likes her doesnt mean she has And suicide is stupid.
#4 - anon
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(09/02/2013) [-]
I wish I could talk to this kid. Help him get through this. When your young everything feels so endless, like things can't change. You just need to let go of some people. You cant save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Does anyone know if he went through with it?

#3 - stoicnick
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(09/02/2013) [-]
#2 - paperplace
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