Story. . l we hasere mishima. and they ere my itsdige They have all come here see lite. I anti at here. wake, tint rte: -w. shakes again and it gels correr. fin
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l we hasere mishima. and they ere my itsdige They have all come here see lite. I anti at here.
wake, tint rte: -w. shakes again and it gels correr. fine tothe new wakes me Freed this all
fanasy. A Her the pain. the first 'hire, l nudes: is the mid. Chibbi laugh as I wake. up, and the tallest title Melts use tine: meet
in me chest before losing interest, "Mitt" he semesters em es he . Is that my mite‘? No .. it ’ t be,
Days mes. . Months. Years,
lime lived tilt the siree's are Moscow as lent; tel sen . Nearly every naht I lime the seine dreamt. lite! and never
my ii. -tattle. We , tweet: like yeserday. and the day Elem and . tells me will in be
much enitire amaising. Then again. what we is if wmm fuel how it feels? A malt me. he looks at
nit: with I' nut saca% fore. lie ' . but has El leek ' itr He kneels them. and
ts tartly out pesticide me, There is in his timid C' - I led]: him ever Wadi! the elitest. I mitt
it. and the sstill " tra my senses and my uncomfortably. I forge, the masterof the tutti:
before use sud est whet he has , He takes the heme.
I lowe home, 'Iver'"" Essa :t: diee. Their are we far , and ' use wean still and teil me how
I lull. They tellers: alien: the genital things I will do fer lite world, He ens emits me tunes like unit; their all hace
tit' like readies Re me.
Chity . iel am almost with my training, he I!) onew' tll at me. Why mi tiny ? (approach them
my ML , ignore tile. Thuy : sad... What did I tie! wrong? Didi fail? Was t will good . ? i Call. try
lam being one ofmy favorite trainers, she pets me. I Intel's up at her and she is tbag. She wacks iii: inlet it small
roan" aadd tells nit: lovell timer . She ", "'i' tlu' I horo. 1 lave wit." She "It. walks tint order,
row" and ewes the door heaing lie: I up and leek tint the window, Irmyue is in were and went’! knelt heels at me,
Why did sate desrve die? Why did site new that‘?
ism in this "" Fur fuels like dutys. I are ofthe streets of Moscow. Then Impetus. twitching buskins
Amt dreariest: aghori? No... this is . lam thud ground by an unseen , l can',
stand up This lasts entirely we lute. and timely [struggle It: my Feet and leek eoin the Wild. We dark, Cold. I' m seared.
I realize haw xlatiel sin. ddont feel hung: -t. r... lest. I ' they haved mis... why ucould they send use here?‘
Time passes- ileum? Days? I dash new ecerything shakes again Inn desiger feel WM his warm... in
hue. Too lent. Somehitng is wrung. lean‘ I breathe, it' s 'oohoh. I start to late costs/ smart, midi slip in anti out tit" thatl all-
tee dream ahppening u, me? I see the drawd. atem" d um. Till seated. As even. -tating fades Id Eileen, I tingley
hear the mu: hey are cha" .. "Laika."
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Submitted: 12/14/2012
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#6 - YUSEIWHAT ONLINE (12/30/2012) [-]
That poor little dog, I can't help but feel tears coming on when I hear what happened to her ._.

R.I.P Laika
#5 - cykocd (12/28/2012) [-]
Oh fuck the feels
I cant deal with this
#1 - thechickenator **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (3 replies)
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