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Sad day

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Submitted: 12/03/2012
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User avatar #1 - jimmythespider (12/03/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Wah Wah Wah, no-body cares.
#3 to #1 - gingeririshjew (12/03/2012) [-]
Dick... you could have just skipped instead of going out of your way to make me feel more like **** .

thanks asshole
User avatar #7 - xenophaigus (12/03/2012) [-]
Here's a good thought: At least you won't have to deal with a girlfriend who'll go around your back and not tell you a damn thing.
User avatar #4 - msmorgileigh (12/03/2012) [+] (1 reply)
It will get better.
#55 - gingeririshjew (12/10/2012) [+] (1 reply)
She lied to my face,making up excuses about how it's not me, it's her and other ******** excuses...
Bitch I don't want your fake apology
#12 - juicymucus (12/04/2012) [-]
Went out of my way to browse the internet and find you a kool gif to make you feel better man. I know the feel.
Went out of my way to browse the internet and find you a kool gif to make you feel better man. I know the feel.
User avatar #42 - rebby (12/08/2012) [+] (10 replies)
just because youre nice to a girl doesnt mean she has to want your dick
#45 to #44 - gingeririshjew (12/08/2012) [-]
Except she told me she wanted to...
Friend zoning does exist when they act like your girlfriend, go on dates with you, calls them dates, and talk to you 7 hours a day.
I didn't want sex from this girl
I wanted a relationship, something you clearly know nothing about
Next time, think before you talk...
because you just sound like an asshole
User avatar #32 - rainbowserpent (12/08/2012) [-]
Let me tell you not all girls are bitches. If I never told anyone on the Internet I was a girl, they'd think I was a boy. Just remember that, for every girl that dumps you, another is ready to pick you up.
User avatar #20 - harrypottergirl (12/04/2012) [+] (7 replies)
well i'm gay so i friend-zone all guys but i don't want to hurt their feelings i just don't like men
User avatar #17 - JewishBlackGuy (12/04/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Cry some more, faggot. Getting friend-zoned doesn't mean you should go whine on a website, telling the female users to grow "lady balls" as though every woman is a manipulative cunt.
#18 to #17 - gingeririshjew (12/04/2012) [-]
Never said all females were manipulative... I just said they need to actually make things clear to men so as to not hurt anyone. Next time actually read the post, douche bag
#2 - sepheroth (12/03/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Sorry buddy. Here, have a beer
User avatar #54 - weejer (12/09/2012) [-]
truly does my friend. it truly does
#51 - anonymous (12/08/2012) [+] (1 reply)
I asked out my crush once, he said no. :/
User avatar #33 - UserLoserable (12/08/2012) [+] (7 replies)
At least you have friends to hang out with....
User avatar #34 to #33 - mrpeepee (12/08/2012) [-]
Usually having no friends depends on you
#29 - anonymous (12/08/2012) [+] (3 replies)
>be 18
>have a crush on this girl
>girl is my buddy's gf
>girl talk to me when she has problems with her bf (my buddy) and family
>I know where this is going
>don't wanna hurt my buddy, avoid deep conversation with girl
>one day after helping her with chores, she burst out crying
>eventually have to listen to her cause she's also my close friends
>she said that it's not gonna work our between her and my buddy
>can't help it bro, I fell for her
>hold hands, hugs, sleep together, and **** ... no sex though
>one day she said that she's gonna end her relationship with my buddy
>she said that she's not happy anymore with him, feels bad for my buddy.
>felt really guilty but somewhat happy because we might happen now.
>next day she said they worked it out.
>she pushed me out of the way, buddy knows too.
>won't even talk to me except in a hateful tone.
>loose both my buddy and the only girl I ever loved romantically.
>marked as an asshole (well, I am.. but I have my reasons)
>this is the first time I let myself be vulnerable to someone and she hurts me.
>gave up my dream of traveling, promised her to settle down.
>I don't know who I am anymore, funny how a man can change for a girl.
>bottom-line, I feel you bro... ***brofist*** it's gonna get better...
User avatar #28 - ezioauditoredakrat (12/06/2012) [-]
I know that feel. There is this girl I know, pretty, smart, we are really close friends. I have feelings for her, but she friendzoned me. She didn't even had the balls to say it in my face.
#15 - anonymous (12/04/2012) [-]
Was friend zoned 2 times in my life, successfully overcame both of them, women don't know what they want, ESP when it comes to men, you got this bro, do you frikin hear me? YOU GOT THIS
#14 - lazypinkeye (12/04/2012) [+] (2 replies)
I know that feel bro, I know that feel. **** happened to me Saturday night..... **** still hurts.
#11 - bladebites (12/04/2012) [-]
Sorry that happened.   
I will have the lady balls.
Sorry that happened.
I will have the lady balls.
#35 - mrpeepee (12/08/2012) [-]
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#13 - gingeririshjew (12/04/2012) [-]
Thanks people...
It's not all bad, I just wanted to make sure ladies know that this **** hurts guys....
especially when the girl tells them to just wait a few weeks
That's a few weeks I won't get back
But thank you FJ community for your sympathy
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