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Pixar Feels

The top 5 saddest scenes in Pixar movies. In descending order.

Tags: pixar | feels
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Submitted: 10/03/2012
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#8 - lockstin (10/03/2012) [-]
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#1 - croc (10/03/2012) [-]
Is this how you get your sick kicks?
User avatar #9 - MotherFuckingTobi (10/03/2012) [-]
i just came from **** ... now im sitting here all sad faced with a boner and my pants around my ankles
User avatar #13 - joshyboyy (10/04/2012) [-]
i quite literally had to pause this halfway through the first song...i cried like a child ;(
#12 - anonymous (10/03/2012) [-]
Made me tear up :(
User avatar #11 - unicornmangina (10/03/2012) [-]
the first song always reminds me of my dog except i loved himlike a brother from the very first time i met him
#10 - baconception (10/03/2012) [-]
what have you done!!!
what have you done!!!
User avatar #7 - bleachedpheather (10/03/2012) [-]
in the toy story 3 one, when the kid went to eat and left the gate open, i kept waiting for a ****** kid to come and jack them all. look what you've done to me.
User avatar #6 - harrypottergirl (10/03/2012) [-]
damn it toy story
User avatar #3 - marceau ONLINE (10/03/2012) [+] (2 replies)
MONSTER'S INC. USED THE SAME SONG AS... why am I in all caps... all well.. they used the same song as up.
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