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#560 - karson
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(11/15/2012) [-]
****, right in the feels. My parents separated when I was a year old, and my mom met my stepdad, and my dad met my stepmom. My stepmom is a bitch who hates me and puts her son, by dickhead stepbrother ahead of me, even though now he is an addict. My dad was a fairly wealthy man, and she spends much of his money. Unfortunately for me, he is very stingy with his money when it comes to anything that has to do with me, his only true son. He never paid for any of my medical ****, or anything all throughout my life, and said he would pay for my college when the time came. He then refused to pay for college as well. he spends more money on his stepson. In that family I do feel that I have been replaced. however, my stepfather, having known me since I was about a year and 6 months old, is much kinder than my dad considers me his own son. I have always felt closer to my stepfather, because up until I was about 5, my dad wasn't really in the picture. this past year, my mom told me that when they got married, My stepfather went to my dad and asked to adopt me. My dad replied, "I can't, what would people think if I gave away my son?" he said no only because he was worried what people would think of him. naturally, as I'm sure you can imagine, this has made my preference for my stepdad over my real dad increase exponentially. feels, man, feels.