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User avatar #1 - diddymonster (02/28/2013) [-]
the only person I've ever lost in my entire life is my Granddad, his last words to me were "who are you?".....today is going to be a feels day
User avatar #580 to #1 - gavinchase (03/18/2013) [-]
I lost my Grandmother 5 months ago. I was away for the weekend when I heard she fell off a ladder trying to clean her fan (she hated asking for help, it made her feel old). The entire time she was in the hospital she kept asking to see me but I never wanted to visit, I just can't handle those situations. One day I sucked it up and decided to visit her. When I arrived she had already passed away.
#576 to #1 - getoffit (03/06/2013) [-]
The last words my Grandpa ever said to me were "Bye, Kevin. I love you. I promise i'll take you hunting next week."  That night he died of a heart attack.
The last words my Grandpa ever said to me were "Bye, Kevin. I love you. I promise i'll take you hunting next week." That night he died of a heart attack.
User avatar #560 to #1 - bladebites (03/01/2013) [-]
ARE YOU ******* SORRY?

I'm actually very sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine what it must be like.)
User avatar #444 to #1 - diddymonster (03/01/2013) [-]
i'm back to tell the full story

my granddad had Huntingtons disease which affects cognitive and physical functions over years and years and left my granddad in a bed ridden confused mess, i would go into hospital a lot for personal illness reasons so i was visiting him as much as possible in his last 2 months. One week before he died i went into his room with a bag of grapes and some CD's set them beside him "there we go grandad roro" (his name was roland and as a kid i called him roro...had done ever since). without even looking up at me he said "who are you?" i answered him but he didn't answer back. I only met up with him 2 times after that and he didn't utter a word. (i don't think he knew who i was for a while)

the hardest part about it for me is knowing that my dad has it and is showing symptoms already, i have a 50% chance of having it too and knowing if i fall in love and they love me back that one day i'll have to tell them i may have a disease that would make me angry depressed maybe psychotic could make me completely forget who they are and even pass it on to my children.
User avatar #568 to #444 - vetis ONLINE (03/02/2013) [-]
I sincerely hope you get lucky and don't have to live through it.
#328 to #1 - thatguyuknowtheone (03/01/2013) [-]
that hurts man, some epic feel times is ahead
User avatar #295 to #1 - killinkyle (03/01/2013) [-]
My grandma said "I don't want to die" the night she died. We went to go do the laundry, thinking she was just kidding, and when we came back, she was in a coma. She died 3 days later.
#290 to #1 - Womens Study Major (03/01/2013) [-]
The first person I ever lost was my great aunt. She died of lung cancer, and made me promise to never smoke. The last thing she said to me was, "let's play together."

I am truly sorry for your loss.
#287 to #1 - skwirl (03/01/2013) [-]
Same type of thing happened to me. When my grandfather was dying he leaned ofer to my younger brother and told him to go find "his fat brother"
Same type of thing happened to me. When my grandfather was dying he leaned ofer to my younger brother and told him to go find "his fat brother"
#269 to #1 - nejcf (03/01/2013) [-]
I've lost all grandparents before I was 10. One grandmother had dementia, she barely remembered anything or anyone. But then all of sudden she remembered anyone, she started playing cards and other games with us. But that only lasted for about one week. I remember that in the same week we went for a walk, talking about everything and I gave her a big hug when we got home. That was the last time I saw her, she passed away next morning...
#245 to #1 - wretchedlarva (03/01/2013) [-]
i'm really sorry
i'm really sorry
#227 to #1 - thestrangestboner (03/01/2013) [-]
Well at least your great grandpa didn't think you were gay.

My brother and I always joke around (like any other person these days) by calling each other a 'faggot' or 'gay' just as an insult, not literally. Well we had picked up my great grandfather for what would be the last time to spend some time with him, and on the ride back to the airport my brother called me a faggot. The last thing my great grandpa ever asked me was "Are you queer?!".

Oh god why
User avatar #220 to #1 - waaw (03/01/2013) [-]
My grandpa died in the middle of the night of a heart attack in April. Then my grandmother started to sort of drift out of it. She was never very strong, but it seemed like she was just fading away. She died two months later. I don't think I will ever forget the night, two days before she died. My sisters were away at camp. All my cousins were away also. There was me, and all of her children and their spouses. She was too weak to go to the table, so when we said blessings, my father went over to her and said the words, slowly so she could hear it well.
#156 to #1 - EdwardNigma (03/01/2013) [-]
"I am Diddymonster, here for your Diddys"

I'm sorry for your loss.
User avatar #454 to #156 - diddymonster (03/01/2013) [-]
forget feels I laughed
#122 to #1 - Womens Study Major (03/01/2013) [-]
My Dad's dad died before I was born, and my mom's when I was about 3-4... My Dad's mom passed away 2 years ago, And my mom's mom is starting to go down that road...
User avatar #18 to #1 - kyfvini (03/01/2013) [-]
Mine died in my arms while I was trying to carry him to the car to get to the hospital... He was more than a dad for me. The last day, he didnt want to let my hands go... It was really important for me, I´m a musician and my hands are like the most important part of my body. He hold them tight for an hour, then he started trembling, and you can imagine the rest... I love him.
User avatar #16 to #1 - vetis ONLINE (03/01/2013) [-]
Oh, wow. I don't know you, so I have no reason to be, but I'm really sorry. Did he know you prior to dying, and just forget from age? Or did he just not know you?
User avatar #543 to #16 - diddymonster (03/01/2013) [-]
comment 444
#9 to #1 - miscarriage ONLINE (02/28/2013) [-]
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Also I'm very sorry..
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