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#526 - anon id: 7bc29266
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(12/17/2012) [-]
Long distance relationships never work out, specially when the majority of the time together, including the meeting is spent on the internet. It is so easy to love someone when you dont have to deal with their little physical quirks and habits you dont see. When people meet and spend a limited amount of time with each other it seams like bliss, until they spend long periods of time with each other and realize it just wont work. 99/100 times this is the case.

What this leaves you with is a realization that you spent most of your possible social life for however long neglecting your real life friends and having fun for a fantasy world on the internet. I have been there, I have done that. Don't fall in love over the internet or a game, its something you will most likely regret.

When I "rejoined the real world" (ironically enough she dumped me, really was heartbreaking wont deny i loved the girl) a few months after she left, I realized how much I had missed, over a girl I got to physically touch three times a year.

Currently I am dating a girl I worked with for awhile, but its nothing like the internet relationship I had, you have to deal with their quirks and accept them for who they are. It makes you love them even more.

My advice avoid internet relationships, I know you might feel its the only place people relate to you, but put yourself out there, someone will come along and you wont have to live by the phone, or stay up late on a game for a "date". These internet things just dont usually work out in the long run.
#539 to #526 - anon id: 931225ac
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(12/18/2012) [-]
im just mad because my relationship didn't work so now im stereotyping all Internet relationships
#552 to #539 - lordumpalumpa
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(01/02/2013) [-]
Na bro it´s not true, you are right, I am also experience this scenario right now, I still have to find a way to tell her though...