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#510 - anon
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(12/13/2012) [-]
I met my boyfriend online.
We met in a flame war between our friends. We hated each other soooo much. But, soon after all the arguing stopped he kept apologizing, we became friends. We were such good friends. Since he's in Australia and I'm in the US we'd stay up all night in our timezones to talk. After some time he confessed to being in love with me. I told him I feel the same way and we started dating. We've been keeping it a secret for almost 6 months now, only telling close friends because in my city long distance isn't a good thing.
I love him to death. But now we're both busy with school and work. I used to wake up to paragraphs from him, telling me to have a good day and him saying how much he loves me. Now it's just a simple "Good morning" every now and then. We barely talk anymore and I miss him so much. It breaks my heart to not get a text or see he's not online.
He's flying here so we can meet on our one year anniversary.