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>be me, 15, on omegle late at night due to insomnia.
>met girl, started talking - legit seemed almost perfect. Found me really attractive too.
>spoke for about 4 months, she says she really liked me. Didnt really feel the same way at first
>bad times happened, my two best friends ditched me for no reason at all; omegle friend had emotional trouble - bad stepdad, broken parental relationships, clinically depressed.
>helped each other through times of hardship - few months later I salted falling for her.
>legit Skyped every single day, despite the 8 hour time difference
>used to wake up at 6am and then stay up till 1am so I could Skype with her.
>actually never felt happier in my life, I loved her so much - I would conjure up images of the future (in hindsight, quite naïvely) with her... I wanted them so much
>was gonna go see her during one of my half terms, saved all £400 myself to go see her.
>despite saying yes before, mother at the very last second stops me. Heartbroken etc.
>carry on talking for like a year and a half -more failed meeting attempts
>she meets this guy, they talk a lot. Me, being the paranoid person I am, starts getting suspicious.
>ask her about it, says nothing's going on.
>find out she actually kinda liked him.
>heart sinks into black abyss
>literally felt my heart break in two.
>chose me over him, but only cos she "felt sorry for me"
>fastforward 8 months; says she still loves me
>really wanna be with her
>feel like it'll never be the same again
>still cry myself to sleep sometimes

I hate everyone.
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