OC Ghost Story. I posted this story yesterday as a text, but it was in two parts and I think people were confused by it. Second try. Hope you enjoy.. reso this  ghost story feels OC happy ending
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OC Ghost Story

OC Ghost Story. I posted this story yesterday as a text, but it was in two parts and I think people were confused by it. Second try. Hope you enjoy.. reso this

I posted this story yesterday as a text, but it was in two parts and I think people were confused by it. Second try. Hope you enjoy.

reso this one lime, there was a ghost named Peter.
rebe died in the early in America, but he never moved on because in his life he
never felt love.
reso he roamed around, observing and watching people, seeing how families worked
and how people interacted with one another.
r: -on occasion he would post up in a family' s house for a while to get a closer look, but
he always ended up messing things up and accidentally knocking over a cup or
slamming a door.
family would get scared, so he would have to move on again.
rebe was a nice ghost, he didn' t want any trouble from Ghostbusters or exorcists or
Sam and Dean.
Primetime in the late , Peter went to New York
Ht was a wild lime, and the city was bustling and moving and shaking, but most of all it
was FULL of love.
Eeveryone seemed to love everyone and everything, and people lived in high rises and
on the streets and they didn' t care, they just lived.
night, he saw a girl through an apartment window
reihe was alone at her table, and she was crying.
reserpine the tears, Peter could tell she was simply beautiful; she had long dark hair, all
the way down her back, but her skin was a soft white
quite as white as his, because of the ghost thing, but lovely
rend she had bright green eyes, when they weren' t weeping
Pieter was curious why this girl felt alone and was immediately drawn to her because
she reminded him of himself when he was alive.
rebe decided he would make a difference in this girl' s life, He watched her for awhile and
learned more about her.
refer name was Daisy, and she, like most hippies, loved the earth, but she still cherished
reihe spent her days out in the streets, spreading messages of love, opening her arms
and welcoming strangers, and smiling
rebut Peter saw her at night, when no one else did, and he knew how she really felt.
repeted started leaving Daisy messages
creepy mirror messages or anything, because he didn' t want to scare her, but little
Felike dropping a daisy on her doorstep in the morning, or putting breadcrumbs on her
sill so that birds would come and keep her company.
reihe liked the messages, though she didn' t realize that' s what they were, and on the days
that he left them, her eyes stayed dry at night.
Pieter even looked out for her safety.
reduce she left the gas on her stove on, so he closed it for her.
Aanother time she must have accidentally took one too many of her pills because she fell
asleep in the tub. It was okay though, because Peter unplugged the drain for her.
day Daisy didn' t come home from her usual trip out through the city, so Peter
searched for her
Ht didn' t take too long, because of his ghostly transportation, but he was heartbroken
when he found her.
reihe had been picking a daisy from the local garden, the same one where Peter got
the ones to leave her, and on her way back she was struck by a car.
Pieter knelt beside her broken body, distraught.
reihen, a white hand touched his shoulder. Whiter than he was, even.
was Daisy.
refer skin was glowing, and she looked as radiant as ever, and she was more beautiful
than he had ever seen.
reihe spoke to him, and told him she knew someone was watching her, that she felt
someone caring for her.
admitted that he had been the one leaving gifts and messages.
reihe asked him if he had saved her all those limes when she was going to get hurt,
and he told her he was.
asked why he didn' t let her fall under the water or breathe in the gas, and Peter
answered that he knew where she was now, and if she left, he wasn' t sure he' d be able
to leave her the messages anymore.
rebe admitted that the last couple of months had been the most important part of his
life and death because he finally found someone to love.
reihe told him, "I have, too."
rend then Peter took her hand in his, and they moved on to the next city.
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Hope you get FP for this... great story
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