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#96 - ninjaminion (12/14/2012) [-]
**ninjaminion rolled a random image posted in comment #95 at Condoms ** when my childhood was over
User avatar #106 to #96 - dedaluminus (12/14/2012) [-]
Nigga, you just rolled the ending of Forrest Gump

shit, man, best movie ever
User avatar #128 to #106 - shazmothree (12/14/2012) [-]
Is that the same actor from the pay it forward movie?
User avatar #136 to #128 - dedaluminus (12/14/2012) [-]
Holy fuck it is

I had to look it up but it is
User avatar #143 to #136 - shazmothree (12/14/2012) [-]
Is it bad that I saw him and immediately pictured him getting stabbed by those little Mexican kids?
User avatar #145 to #143 - dedaluminus (12/14/2012) [-]
Yeah, there's probably something wrong with you
User avatar #146 to #145 - shazmothree (12/14/2012) [-]
I watched the movie when I was young and that scene is the only one I remember besides the scene were Kevin Spacey shows off his gross back
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