Massive feel. Not oc haven't seen in a while. 1319843550 n (30 KB, 540x737 Untiled pug) D seamen 10/ 20/ 11( 30 No 360709900 b/, away my anonymity In ront ofyou brandon feels post
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Massive feel

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Massive feel. Not oc haven't seen in a while. 1319843550 n (30 KB, 540x737 Untiled pug) D seamen 10/ 20/ 11( 30 No 360709900 b/, away my anonymity In ront ofyou

Not oc haven't seen in a while

1319843550 n (30 KB, 540x737 Untiled pug)
D seamen 10/ 20/ 11( 30 No 360709900
b/, away my anonymity In ront ofyou as 1 share you my story Brandon and 1 cums to you tonght to tell you a tale about THAT
Yes we all know her ner
name re Clare
bitchy, tanks wee tee good Wyatt, and test has that attitude no one can stand an 1 long before she even became popular
We known ths 3 years old Her mom and my mom were so we would go watts each other' s houses practially every day Me. and Clare would
do everytihng together Every Hazy we would sneak out to the weeds neared our houses and play around Inthe creek sen started to set
We would both then hold hands / e we walked nacho our namee
D seamen ( ) 19: 13 26 No 360790013
one day In tan rt was raining and my mother told us not to go to the creek as rt had swelled mare ddnt brke but 1 headed outlaws creek
anyway and she eventually bellowed
Sure enough the creek had swelled to well over 3 tunes rte normal sae Igot to the very edge and soon the mud beneath we collapsed and 1 In The current
was strong and soon canned we down the creek
wed to gran onto 1 managed to gran onto a rope that was ted to a tree nearby see Clare runnang towards we wawnt her
arms and screaming my name All 1 recall rs against on a We and waking upen a hopital bed wren a punts next to we Mme
two w es marred together
1 dent remember much of any / s bang deathly sham enlarge amounts w water sence that day
D seamen 10/ ( ) 19 14 21 No 360790133
360790013 _
Around Ith grade we were separated In and would only see each but backthen she would and 1 would stay by herione a
distance t 1 know that sounds creepy but 1 was young)
When school was ever she would wart tor me and walk nu home When we ' she would refuse to even acknowledge my existence iwasnt one trothe 'cool" has and Clare
wanted to be wuss popluar so we couldnt be seen wren me
She sorrounded the popular boys around the school Ofcourse we were 11 backthen dednt castling Throughout my sums stay In
asked out by about 12 but 1 always turned them down
D seamen ( : 15 24 No 360790277
When nfgn School ht rt was even worse than She soon began wacking we In contoller peers
wwas the uncooked and she used we to gem newgame rt worked Inned my harvester mom nor as everytime 1 came In contact wren her she would make we the center of attenion by
canny we names and we around large groups
Nowthat 1 rt 1 had less than School thanks to her Even though we constantly made my his hell wwould be In swans newnuma
Tot's day 1 would gave up to be a agaen so 1 could spend one day wren her
D seamen ( 16 23 No 360790405
Around neuron year a boy named Garret asked Clare to prom mom worked tor the school so we was able to pull some strongs and allow mm to use the entercom tor ms proposal
She was absolutely ecstatic
Clare was In my math class and 1 could near her bragging about rt to her News She caught we sunny at her new across the room and gave we a ilikethat 1 w/ l never forget anyway about a week
before prom 1 near 1 knock at my deer and rte none otherthan Clare
She' s at my nextdoor because we thund made anotherone or some sht
D seamen ( : : IT No 360790524
pushover 1 am 1 let her In and console her 1 lead her upto my room and hold hero my arms iddnt even want intake advantage sleepity her
Just neing ths close to perand was enough tor we By the [me she was her 1 would take herto prom Warm wanted She gave we
a hug and a kss on the cheek
We goto my car, drove to oer old houses, and walked to the creek we used to hang out at laas sorrounded by a as a lad nexter her
soon 1 was overwhelmed by tand ten
By 1 woke up she was already gone angered she had my somewhere
D seamen ( : 18 09 No 360790635
Aweek passed and rt was Many prom 1 had pad 150 bucks was to rte 1 rented a set, bought roses, put on some of my
dad' s expensive cologne Hooked brke a moon bucks leroyj menu Clare' s house and knocked on the door She answered wren a / e on sentace and 1 was absolutely speechless at new
she looked
She gave we as she grained my hand and led me to the backyard Homing door 1 could see some itneverends warring angered that we were to take post prom pictures
couples usually do
When backyard 1 spotted Garret and 1 knew was up
D seamen ( 18 55 No 360790724
Clare, knowing 1 was bywater, pushed we We her pom and Just watched as 1 med to gran on to and gasp tor arr As 1 was splashos around 1 could near
them all at we was only entra 1 was about to drown dd one itneverends / y gran we pool and tell we to leave got worse
twacked eeting sade gate wren my head down and my clothes dripping wet lget the fuck out outhere and matata park tomater hours so my mom would at 1 wanna prom
Even nght new 1 would not be able to bang up the courage to tell nu new coldly my Mend treated me all those years
Anyway when 1 returned to school pretty much everyone knew what happened at no one would even st by we at the lunch table
D seamen 10/ ( ) 19: 19 53 No 360790876
rest School 1 pretty much wended my own nearness mated Mew gals but the never lasted long
Allfather sad 1 seemed 'detracted" by else iddnt see much School and Many we graduated closely as she walked across
the stage and make eye contact wren her but
1 stood Inthe everybody use cheking and negging each other knowing that was never be part w 1 spotted Clare wacking wren reverends at the tar sade Mine
parking lat and Just Couldnt stand rt anymore
1 ran as tastes 1 could banally reached henna! were she car and asked her 'she wanted to come home wren we and Just watch a meme wren we
She In my face reverends and drove on wwas crushed
D seamen ( : 20 55 No 360790997
one Mme few we We gangta a party wren mm
around but fen brke a few dunks would cheer we up
ofcoarse no one really knew who 1 was and hawks seeing a few Ithink ether
About 40 passed when mare walks through the door and pretends Wu outthere tor ohnoes reasons my own nearness and she mends hers
Maybe rt was the alcohol but tor some reason 1 decoded to stay at the party Thigs started get liv. and people were really
D seamen ( 22 26 No 360791219
Hooks tor some neen an and a cigarette 1 have no exact amount starme 1 was gone but m, geussing rt was somewhere In between
When 1 returned 1 immedately heard cheking [mime 1 even entered the door thought was that awn had broken out and that 1 should leave Denote the cops show up got the best of
we 1 made my seethrough the crowd only to see rt was Clare
She was and was blowing 3 guys In from of everyone
Aith guy was angering her as 1 fen warm tears down my cheeks At that moment 1 dednt gave a fuck w my Faggot peers saw me crying
no longer bear to watch
D seamen ( 53 No 360791416
My warte kicked In and 1 pushed unis specked her up In my arms but soon heard her loudly In my ear Clare was Mang forarms all about and me In the face
one dine guys she was grabbed nerdom we and punched me In the face laas soon bang beaten by took some ohm other kds new the party to Many pull
icouldnt see because Mood sorrounding my wands but 1 could near Clare screaming was sayang made eeting words
FUCKING KILL HIMI KILL THAT DESGUSTING SMALL DECKED PIECE OF wt 1 w/ l never forget those words someone splash beer at my taco and to thm day 1 have no deem In my
mud who rt was
1 fen some people drag we try my feet and toss we oet onto the sidewalk In the house 1 was too med now the alcohol and now bang beaten to get up and walk home
1 and when 1 woke everyone was gone Those events took place over a year ago and that was the last tune 1 saw her entra 1 deemed to make a bacefook account 3 weeks ago (:
D seamen ( ) 19: 24 50 No 360791532
so /N 1 dent care rt you call we a Faggot or rt you tink ths re Just a troll Tonght We deeded to km myself 1 dent expect sympathy and dent try to talk me out of rt because " not gangta work
Just gave we one to enjoy and 404' wthe case any ofyou are wonderful' m helium ext bag method that gets posted on here every
so 011271
You guys were the 1 ever had to theads
Clare x have no due why you have noted me so norm tor so long
secondly wthout reason [have never done but snow roe
oneness x personally nurses we because you hate what you became
and cardstand to see on veer turner est even
afterglows even we have put me nurofen x on
deeply ashamed to adopt son have tor you
wen u know wat_ new have been
chasec after me or were Wie we u else u Mart worn
emu tuna be sen teen hero We on
Maybe veers new one x teams yodacan/ a
person [treally rs Cue whattheh say n the end all you have are
lam keanno went so one rs goodbye more The
messaged you rs because x demons a else and Just
wanted to taken we one last ens
Brendan when MI u get t one er head x o
baa we were good mews W back when
er Mart arms y we fukwad u message me new er _ u
really thak/ wve o shtf) never see u want)
x never sad x was new As to why x keep owe to get to
you mess ts because x mes all those we had back when we
were no or maybe saved Ty Wie
wens you don' that has happened between us x
Oustcat' thehp but mm t have been a
the we u u W/ dentyne a wk 1
honesty creeks cunt
anyway woes we r over u can stop amaing me W
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(05/24/2013) [-]
My soul is writhing in agony...
#11 - goryheadstump
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(05/24/2013) [-]
God I hate her.
God I hate her.
#19 - stubbyftw
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(05/27/2013) [-]
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What did it say?
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What did what say?
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That guys comment.
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What comment?
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MFW Clare
MFW Clare
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I don't understand any of this! D:
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Now i will mention this accounts name to get him in on this

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Welcome to the DANGER ZONE!!!
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.... what?
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AHA there i have found you, hiding under the floorboards
User avatar #34 to #33 - ifuckbabies **User deleted account**
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What? I wasn't under the floorboards. I was in the closet with Micha- er... yes.. yes you found me under the floorboards. Exactly.
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:U... :l... :'( ... Bro... damn...
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did he actually kill himself the poor guy? is there evidence/proof? coz this is the epitemy of nastiness by teenagers, poor poor guy
#3 - anon id: 75602376
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(05/24/2013) [-]

I'm getting real tired of peoples' **** these days. I came her for funny things to let me have a good time and now you punish me with this ****? No! No person, at all is worth that torture. **** those damn people that act like you actually mean something to them and then treat you like ****. I've personally experienced this, being the scapegoat of people's jokes all for them to laugh. Let me tell you OP, the people that laugh at you now will be the ones begging for change later on the streets. Being the white knight will only screw you in the ass. Trust me, I've been there and it's not worth ****. I don't do it just to get in girl's pants, but to actually be nice. But this bitch here, just makes me want to strangle her with a hose. I'M RUSTLED AS ALL HELL.

YOU KNOW WHAT! **** THIS gay EARTH. I'll make my own account and share my own story OP. Learn from my story. Being a white knight ain't worth ****. BRB
User avatar #6 to #3 - therealpokemon
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(05/24/2013) [-]
Link it or it didn't happen.
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