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Views: 3469 Submitted: 08/16/2014
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#5 - anon
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(09/11/2014) [-]
I know what your feeling as I am at one of those crossroads as well... Living the same day over and over... wake up... eat.... work ...eat .... work. more... do something to stop the madness.... sleep.. maybe one day we all can be happy but there will always be the lows in life.
User avatar #4 - themilkisdead
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(08/18/2014) [-]
I'm so sorry you're feeling like this. If you need anybody to talk to, then message me and I will do my damn best to help you get through this. I hope you feel better soon.
#3 - anon
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(08/16/2014) [-]
Check out this guy on youtube, Elliot Hulse.. he has some of the best life advise and philosophy I (and many others) have ever gotten. He is a strength trainer, but he's studied up on physiology, philosophy, psychology.. He may come off as eccentric- even crazy at first (that's definitely the impression I got from him when I started watching his videos), but bear with him and get a general understanding of what he says before you write him off as a loony. I sincerely hope you find this advise to be as positively life-changing as I did. The very best of luck to you, man.


#2 - usarmyexplain
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(08/16/2014) [-]
Broad is the path and wide is the gate that leads to destruction.

**** gets better.
#1 - anon
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(08/16/2014) [-]