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#114 - TheMagian **User deleted account**
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i leave a wallpaper in the name of one of the greatest animated people to ever live
"Do you know what it's like to lose everything? Everything you've ever loved? Everything you've ever known? Do you know what it's like to lose everything? I hope you never find out.Life's been hell since E-Day. A bloodbath every day! The Locust, we called 'em, and damn if that wasn't a perfect name for the bastards. They come from everywhere, in swarms, just like insects. And worst of all they've got the compassion to match. They kill indiscriminately, without remorse-- and we don't even know why they do it. Fourteen years and we still have no ******* clue where they come from or why they hate us. We just know they're our enemy... and we would be extinct if we don't put these ******* back in the ground.
Do you know what it's like to get back everything you thought you lost? Everything you lived for? Everything you love?
I hope one day I find out."- Dom