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There was this 75 year-old man who would come into my restaurant everyday with his 60 year-old wife. His wife has a much younger sister who had a small baby girl. The old man loved this girl who he called his niece (now 5 years-old). Loved her like she was his own. The wife recently died due to sudden heart problems. The poor old man was extremely broken up, but I kept assuring him that he still had a little part of his wife left in this world. He would tell me it was going to be alright because he always knew that he could come baby sit his niece who he had been with since she was born.

A few weeks after his wifes death, the evil bitch sister decided she didn't want him to see her daughter anymore. In fact, she completely separated from him. Despite him having no blood relatives alive, he still had thought he had a family. Sadly the only two people he had left were either dead or taken from him. To make matters worst, the home which he's lived in for so long was being taken as he suddenly found out that his wife had a gambling addiction and was behind financially.

2 months ago he vanished. Didn't leave anything behind, not even a note. He was an incredibly strong old man. He grew up in what he called the sticks. As a Native American he was very passionate about nature. Sometimes I like to imagine he's living in the forest again...just living with nature. Hopefully he'll be able to find peace.
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Aw man...